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Manila’s Streetball Showdown: Red Bull Half Court Manila Qualifiers Recap

Manila’s Streetball Showdown: Red Bull Half Court Manila Qualifiers Recap

The City of Manila witnessed a heart-pumping and jaw-dropping showcase last April 13, 2024 with the Red Bull Half Court Manila Qualifiers. As the event took place in Gameville BallPark and Activate Hoop Arena in Mandaluyong, locals and basketball enthusiasts alike attended to see the excitement unfold.

In a highly-competitive showdown that kept watchers on the edge of their seats, the event showcased an array of electrifying plays, from buzzer-beaters that sent the crowd into a frenzy to shocking crossovers that left viewers in awe. The court became a stage for the finest streetballers in Manila to exhibit their skills, and they did not disappoint.

Emerging victorious in a fiercely contested match in the men’s category was the Far Eastern University (FEU) against Team Elite with a hard-fought 12-11 win in overtime, showcasing their exceptional skills and unwavering determination.

Upon winning, Coach Mau of FEU said the event was a testament to the undeniable passion and skill that defines Manila’s streetball scene. “We poured our hearts into every play, and to come out on top amidst such fierce competition just shows our hard work and dedication. We’re thrilled to represent our city on the national stage and take another step closer to the ultimate prize in New York.”

Meanwhile, the New Zealand Creamery showcased their dominance In the women’s category with a commanding performance against Falcons Blue securing a resounding 13-6 victory.

New Zealand Creamery highlighted that teamwork is what helped them win the Finals. “Teamwork is the most important factor during the qualifiers especially during the Finals earlier, during the finals is where we showed our team’s chemistry. Teamwork is what brings a team together, that’s why we focused and constantly practiced our team work again.,” they stated.

After their big win at the Manila Qualifiers, FEU and New Zealand Creamery will now advance to the National Finals on April 27, alongside Team Elite, Coach J Hoops Academy (CJHA-B), Kamacayan, and Falcons Blue. The eventual winners will secure their spot in the highly anticipated Red Bull Half Court World Finals in New York City, which will take place from October 16-21. This prestigious event brings together the best streetball teams from around the globe for a showdown of skill, athleticism, and sheer passion for the game. 

To keep up with team FEU, Team Elite, CJHA-B , Kamacayan, New Zealand Creamery, and Falcons Blue and their journey to greatness, follow them along at the official Red Bull website and social media pages (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok).

Photo Provided by Mags Reyes


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