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About Us is your one-stop online news feed for everything techy and gastronomic. It caters to this generation’s innate desire to know the latest in technology and the most raved-about in the food scene.

It may appear an odd combo at first glance, but a quick look in your social media feed, and you’ll immediately see these two coming up and you’ll see where’s place is.

This generation craves the latest mobile phone model, loves to upgrade their gadgets, and stops at nothing for their techy fix.

This generation is the most adventurous with their food, loves to try new cuisines, and goes to that hole-in-the-wall place, totally out of their way, just to satisfy their ramen cravings.

Be part of our team, and let’s work and celebrate for what we truly enjoy having. Let’s show our audience what’s new and what’s hot in the tech world. Let’s cater to the hungry, the adventurous and even just for the curious and let’s serve them the latest news in the dining scene.

Megabites Team

Content Manager/Graphic Artist – Raymund Ravanera

Online Lifestyle Editor – Blessie Marie Sto. Tomas

Contributing Editor – Ma. Regina Monsayac

Contributing Editor/Photographer – Kit Elton Pilla

Contributing Editor – Budang Sto. Tomas

Digital Sales Manager – Mary Jane “MJ” Esteban

Online Tech Editor – Vedasto Rey “VR” Portugal

Chris Esteban – Marketing Assistant

Daryll Delfin – Webmaster

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