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Adopt-A-Barangay by M Lhuillier goes on

Adopt-A-Barangay by M Lhuillier goes on

The Barangay is the most basic unit of administration in the Philippines. It is the native Filipino term for a village, district, or ward. Each barangay consists of a captain, officials, and peace makers or more colloquially known as barangay tanods. These tanods are resident volunteers  in the area who play a vital role in crime prevention and order in the district. 

M Lhuillier has chosen to adopt several barangays with the aim of highlighting care for the Barangay Tanods, who diligently commit to their important role within the populace. Last April 2021, concurrent turnovers were done by M Lhuillier representatives in Ozamiz City, Zamboanga del Sur, and Sarangani Province.

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Communed with heartwarming acknowledgements from the Barangays and its leaders, the localities organized a brief appreciation program to extend their gratitude towards the initiative of M Lhuillier. From providing apparel such as Tanod uniforms, M Lhuillier t-shirts, M Lhuillier face towels, to their defense tools such as batota or [better known as] cudgels; these dedicated patrolmen would better execute their duties especially during nighttime.

M Lhuillier truly commits to showing the simplest gestures to go a long way for these deputies. They are trying their best to be exceptional in keeping the peace and order in the society; hence, deserving this humble means of support. 

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