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Upgrade your workplace with the Samsung 360 Cassette

Upgrade your workplace with the Samsung 360 Cassette

Today’s fast-paced world has people spending majority of their time in the workplace. Because of this, businesses must always ensure that their space is comfortable and conducive for productivity. Proper temperature is an important factor and Samsung has the right cooling solution to address it.

From design to performance, the Samsung 360 Cassette builds a smarter future for businesses. It boasts of the world’s first circular design with an innovative 360 degree airflow that ensures optimal air conditioning and eliminates hot spots.

With the 360 Cassette, consumers will not suffer from cold draft and instead have a perfect even cooling experience resembling that of natural wind. Air flow is not concentrated in a certain area so this helps eliminate more instances of unproductivity and discomfort. This especially applies to places where customer comfort is essential like hospitals and restaurants, as well as places where people stay for a longer period of time like schools or libraries.

Its unique bladeless design makes cooling more efficient as it provides 100% of air volume without any loss, compared to traditional 4-way Cassette units, which can lose up to 25% of air volume. With its fast cooling feature, the 360 Cassette ensures cooling efficiency.

The circular design also allows the 360 Cassette to be placed beautifully in any setting, making it a great choice for many modern architects and interior designers. Businesses even have the option to customize their 360 Cassette with any color and design, making it the ideal air conditioning unit for any establishment that is very particular about its branding, but also gives due importance to functionality.

The new line-up of Samsung System Air Conditioners is available at authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit www.samsung.com/ph.


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