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Transcend unveils New StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S Slim Military-Grade Rugged Portable Hard Drive

Transcend unveils New StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S Slim Military-Grade Rugged Portable Hard Drive

Transcend unveils the StoreJet 25M3G (Military Green) and 25M3S (Iron Grey) as the latest addition to its M3 series Military-Grade Shock Resistance portable hard drives. The StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S comes available capacity of up to 2TB and it adopts USB 3.1 Gen1 interface, offering an incredible transfer rate that is 10 times faster than USB 2.0.

Here are the features of the new StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S:

  • Both has Transcend’s award winning three-stage shock protection enclosure that includes a silicone rubber case, internal shock-absorbing suspension damper, and reinforced hard casing to provide optimum protection for the hard drive.
  • It also comes in a thinner and lighter package, weighing 45g lighter and 2.7mm thinner and retaining the iconic shock protection design, allowing greater convenience and portability for those who is always on the go.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with high speed and high capacity on-the-go storage solution with StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S. Capable of transfer Rate that is 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 interface storage device.
  • The StoreJet 25M3G and 25M3S is equipped with a very convenient multifunctional button which allows you to instantly backup your data with a single press.
  • For additional value, Transcend’s offers its exclusive data management and data recovery software – Transcend Elite and RecoveRx, with no additional cost. Both the software features a user-friendly interface that allows users manage their backup or recover lost data with ease. Transcend Elite allows you to perform data backup on local device or cloud storage with minimal hassle.
  • The StoreJet 25M3S and 25M3G comes available in capacities of 1TB and 2TB respectively and is backed by Transcend’s 3-Year Limited Warranty.

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