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New Year, New Best Taco in Town

New Year, New Best Taco in Town

Pancake House is starting the year with new creations of its classic crunchy snack. Best Taco in Town, their take on the famous colorful south of the border Mexican treat, has been a fan favorite for years and is now getting its much-awaited varieties.

For the adventurous souls, add some kick with the Spicy Best Taco in Town now made hotter with a dash of cayenne powder. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, fret not because the plant-based Best Taco in Town is for you. Pancake House partnered with The Vegetarian Butcher to create a 100% plant-based mince, that is high in protein and with no MSG added, used as the filling alternative for the taco.

Then, end your comfort meal with their first-ever dessert taco in Banana Nutella Taco. Their signature taco shell is filled with everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread, Nutella, together with whipped cream, fresh bananas, and sprinkled with chocolate and powdered sugar. It will surely satisfy your sweet tooth! All three tacos start at Php 99 each.

That’s not all, Pancake House is likewise introducing bite-sized versions of their tacos! The Best Taco Bites in Town is available in classic and spicy, and the decadent Banana Nutella Taco is also getting its own bite-sized variety. Share these little bites filled with colorful flavors, starting at P79!

Choose to feel good with this budget-friendly deal: Choose Any 2® made more special with their new tacos. For only P399, mix and match any 2 of these:

  • 2 pcs. Best Taco in Town (choice of original, spicy, and plant-based powered by The Vegetarian Butcher),
  • 2 pcs. Taco Bites, 3 pcs. Pan Chicken Nuggets w/ gravy and Creamy Carbonara,
  • 2 pcs. Taco Bites and Spaghetti with Garlic Bread,
  • 2 pcs. Taco Bites with Creamy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese, or
  • 2 pcs. Taco Bites, 3 pcs. Pan Chicken Nuggets w/ gravy and French Fries.

These tasty treats will be your bits of sunshine to kickstart 2022. Choose to feel good while enjoying your favorite comfort dishes from Pancake House and remember to add a side of the Best Taco in Town, your way!

Now available in all Pancake House stores nationwide and for a limited time only until March 31, visit your nearest branch today or have it delivered to your doorstep by calling 888-79000 or ordering online through delivery.pancakehouse.com.ph,  GrabFood, Foodpanda, Pick.a.Roo, Mangan, OrderMo, and Groover.

 For more information, please visit our official Facebook page.

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Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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