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Pfizer Philippines gets official Great Place To Work certification

Pfizer Philippines gets official Great Place To Work certification

Pfizer Philippines has officially been certified as a positive workplace by Great Place To Work, the global authority on workplace culture.

In assessing the company for its certification, Great Place To Work surveyed a number of Pfizer employees, who have lauded the company for having an amazing workplace culture that allows them to grow and succeed.

Pfizer successfully earned this achievement by reflecting their stated core values—Courage, Excellence, Equity, and Joy—in their work environment. Through this framework, Pfizer employees enjoy a career with purpose, an inclusive community, equitable opportunities to grow, and a quality work experience.

Pfizer gives employees the opportunity to determine a purpose that drives their career—in this case, making meaningful breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. In this pursuit of purpose, Pfizer also pushes employees to take risks in order to grow, and give them safe opportunities to do so.

They also harbor a diverse and inclusive community that spans the entire globe, welcoming everyone as they pursue their purpose and growth. All of these combine to create a quality work experience that fosters talent and brilliance, making a positive change in the world.

“We at Pfizer Philippines are truly honored to be certified by Great Place To Work and acknowledged by our employees as a good and positive workplace. We remain committed to giving our employees a space and environment in which they can fulfill their potential and achieve personal and professional success,” said Edilberto Reyes, Pfizer Philippines Interim Country Manager.


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