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For equal opportunities, we built a fashion school in the Philippines

For equal opportunities, we built a fashion school in the Philippines

Funded by Japan-based fashion brand coxco, the coxco Lab Fashion School, located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, operates as a vocational training school in collaboration with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Sharing a message from Ayumi Nishigawa, President, Non-Profit Organization DEAR ME, a social contribution through fashion.

“On the 5th of this month, we opened the fashion school: coxco Lab. 

We are so happy to have the opening day with our wonderful students, teachers, colleagues and sponsors. Thank you to everyone who came to the opening ceremony and to all those who came from Japan to support us.

Fashion show activities with kids living in vulnerable communities in the Philippines started in 2015 when I was in 3rd year college. But the show alone won’t change the lives of children or their futures. I’ve been aiming to establish a fashion school for about six years now, thinking that education and employment will be the key to helping them realize their dreams.

Four years ago, I quit my company for this challenge. It was a preparation period that I couldn’t say it went well due to the Corona virus, but thanks to my friends and everyone who supported me, I finally was able to start. 

The name of the school we opened is coxco Lab. As a laboratory of the brand coxco which we currently operate, we have a vision where future school alumni can work with the brand.

The school is run by NPO, a non-profit organization, while the brand is LTD, limited. Creating a non-profit and profit chain will be the challenge ahead, and coxco will expand to the Philippines this year. Here’s the real beginning. As always, I can’t do anything alone so I’d appreciate your support! Thank you for your continued support.

And this time with the opening of the school, I’ve been closely connected to TV2 stations since last year! Please let me announce again if it goes on air.”

Those who would like to partner with NPO DEAR ME and coxco, please contact: Moe Komura. General Manager for Philippines, NPO DEAR ME through email: [email protected]. Visit their website https://npodearme.com/ and follow their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dearme2015.

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