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Aboitiz capacitates government talents on ‘people development’

Aboitiz capacitates government talents on ‘people development’

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) has partnered with the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) to help the latter implement its strategic human resources program called YouMan 1.0 that aims to enhance capacity building in public offices.

Through the program, AEV’s Human Resource team facilitated two webinar courses on succession planning and employee engagement — both setting the framework for implementing CESB’s goal of honing its talents as the key to sound organization development.

AEV’s Corporate External Relations (CER) Team also assisted with the Harrison Talent Profile Assessment Test for team and individual profiling of talents within the CESB secretariat. The said assessment test is essential in determining the core strengths of the individual team members and how it will further benefit the CESB Secretariat as one agency. It will provide the necessary foundation and basis for a more targeted and customized human resource program and interventions, adding more value to the individuals and to the team as a whole.

“The program sends a clear message that CESB is putting the ‘human’ at the heart of everything they do. Aboitiz advocates strongly for the same. It is our hope that through this collaboration, we can support CESB to build a more agile and resilient organization to continue advancing its mission of developing career government professionals as catalysts of innovation and good governance,” said AEV CER First Vice President Christopher Camba.

As the agency responsible for developing the talents and expertise of the third-level officials in the government, YouMan 1.0 primarily focuses on upholding this mandate while taking a hard look at its composition to adapt to a fast-changing environment due to innovation and technology.

CESB Secretariat Executive Director IV Ma. Marcy Cosare-Ballesteros said the program is a way of ‘nurturing’ the team that is behind honing and developing leaders in the public service.

“I see the CESB Secretariat creating a critical mass of well-selected and professional Career Executive Service Officers (CESO) who will provide stability and faithful service in the bureaucracy,” she said. 


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