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VSTECS inks distribution agreement with H3C to beef up its networking portfolio

VSTECS inks distribution agreement with H3C to beef up its networking portfolio

The coronavirus has underscored the critical role of networking solutions to stay connected, support remote workforce, and ensure business continuity. H3C, a leader in digital solutions offering a full portfolio of digital infrastructure products spanning across compute, storage, networking, security, and related domains announces its appointment of VSTECS Phils. Inc., as its authorized country distributor.

With more and more people getting connected, there is a tremendous pressure to deploy reliable and robust networking infrastructure. This has become imperative to support the massive and abrupt shift to work from home arrangements, online learning, telemedicine, e-commerce, and social media use.

“We have witnessed the importance of digital technologies for business continuity. During this crisis, there has been a dramatic surge of demand for networking and connectivity solutions, and we are glad that this appointment to distribute and market the complete portfolio of H3C connectivity solutions came in with the digital transformation rush,” says Jimmy D. Go, president, and CEO, VSTECS Phils. Inc.

As a leading provider of digital solutions, H3C has participated in the digital transformation journey of major industries for 17 years, through which process, the company has a deep understanding on the digital transformation needs of key industries such as education, healthcare, government and enterprise, etc. With its strong technology research and development capabilities as well as innovation abilities, H3C integrates advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud computing, 5G and IoT into major industry scenarios. H3C has launched multiple Application-Driven solutions based on SDN for Data Center (DC), Campus, and Wide Area Network. Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) solutions help realize the resilient deployment of a network, and accelerates tenants isolation at cloud-based data centers. Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) solutions provide the benefits for user authorization, and streamline operation and maintenance at mobile offices. Application-Driven WAN (AD-WAN) solutions visualize the traffic and application, and ensures the quality of key services. Application networking solutions based on SDN have been widely applied in the industries. It provides reliable and nimble network infrastructure for the digital transformation of society.

“The win-win-win strategy of H3C to promote market growth is a testament that winning in the marketplace is not only getting accolades alone, but also creating an ecosystem that is friendly and transparent to both partners and distributors like VST — and with customers always as top of mind. On this partnership with VST, we affirm this commitment, with VST having the wide reach of quality partners in the Philippines and the deep pool of engineer support to echo this commitment across vertical industries.” says Gary Huang, President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C.

To know more about H3C products, please email [email protected].

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