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vivo partners with lens maker ZEISS to advance smartphone photography, starting with the X60

vivo partners with lens maker ZEISS to advance smartphone photography, starting with the X60

There is no other feature more evolved in our must-have smartphones than cameras. From using mobile phones that need to be connected to computers so we can view their photos, to handsets capable of slow-mos, macro shots, and super zooms, mobile phone photography has definitely gone a long way with more innovations still expected.

More and more photography technologies are forming part of smartphones, efficiently and magically capturing everyday moments in a single, easy-to-operate device. The latest of these partnerships involves renowned lens manufacturer ZEISS and leading global smartphone brand vivo. Starting with the anticipated flagship phone vivo X60, both companies are co-engineering imaging systems in premium smartphones.

Some of today’s digital photography is enhanced by changing lenses to suit a subject, environment, or creative requirement. Imagine doing that in a single device and with features integrated and accessible in just a few taps.

A superb new technology in the vivo X60, which previously could only be possible with powerful lenses, is its stellar night mode. Its Extreme Night Vision 2.0 allows stunning night shots even if it’s pitch-dark outside, made possible by its super large f/1.48 aperture and a high precision noise reduction algorithm. There is no need for a separate lens as well to do night portraits since vivo X60’s HDR Super Night Portrait can optimize clear focus even in low light.

Another highlight is the integration of optimal image stabilization. A motion shoot would not be complete without a motorized device or a tripod that stabilizes images. But in vivo X60, the Pro Sports Mode makes it possible to capture fast actions in fast focus, taking impressive motion snapshots in normal and portrait modes.


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The new optical technologies that ZEISS is bringing to vivo flagship smartphones do not end with the systems that it already has. The partnership will continue to look for ways to innovate and enable smartphone users to capture their most memorable moments in the most creative way.

The partnership also aims to expand current widely used features. Like panoramic shots which are enhanced several times better with the Super Pano in vivo X60, and wide-angle photography which becomes crisper with the X60’s 13-megapixel super-wide angle camera. The trending zoom shots to capture the moon can be created with improved resolution in the Super Moon scene mode.

With smartphone photography advancing factors like white balance, focus, ISO which can only be previously manipulated in huge DSLRs, users can expect clearer social connections by exchanging crisper and creative mobile phone shots.

The vivo X60 flagship phone will soon be available in vivo stores nationwide. For more details on this new smartphone, visit https://www.vivoglobal.ph/ or visit vivo Philippines on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Y12s is also available for purchase at vivo’s official Lazada and Shopee stores.


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