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Valiant Leader: The Simple Life of Mark Villar

Valiant Leader: The Simple Life of Mark Villar

What quality comes first to mind when you think of the letter V? It could be victorious, vibrant, and even vital. But to best describe this person, the word that comes to mind is valiant.

Not to give an English lesson, but the term valiant refers to someone who possesses courage. He is someone who has determination. He wants to see through the end of each goal he sets his mind. At the end of the article, see for yourself that this person embodies valor in his service and every aspect of life. He is no other than Mark Villar.

VILLAR: A Surname of Value

If you’re curious when you first heard of him, it is because of his surname. He comes from a prominent family in the Philippines who owns one of the largest real estate companies in the Philippines, Vista Land and Landscapes.

His parents are former Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives Manny Villar and incumbent Senator Cynthia Villar. However, behind the affluence Mark Villar possesses is a simple man, loving husband, doting father, and public servant who aims to have a better future for his fellow citizens.

Get to know Mark—his values, story, and the man behind the surname.

Vital Foundation: His Education and Early Career

Aside from the early training provided by his family, Mark Villar finished his studies in prestigious schools. He studied initially at the International School Manila and pursued higher education in the United States.

A good foundation for his career, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Not to be easily satisfied with the usual, he pursued and eventually completed a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

On his return to the Philippines, he managed their real estate business for ten years. He first assumed the position as president of Crown Asia Corporation until he became the managing director of Vista Land & Lifescapes. His solid foundation proved vital for the next step in his career, which was to enter politics, and he became the congressman of Las Pinas City in 2010.

Photo Source: https://markvillar.com.ph/gallery

Victorious Lover: Life of a Family Man

In terms of finding a life partner, Mark Villar proves that he wants someone who shares his career and family life vision.

Did you know that it took a year for Mark to succeed in asking for a date from his wife, now Justice Undersecretary Emmeline Yan Aglipay?

Then a representative for Diwa Partylist, Aglipay, relates that Mark’s patience and tenacity have won her trust for that fateful date. The rest, as they say, is history. Their marriage of seven years has blessed them with a six-year-old daughter, Emma Therese.

Mark has only praises and good words to share when asked about his marriage and family life. “[My] family is my main detox. Behind a successful man is a strong woman,” he shares fondly.

“I’m so proud of my wife for the strength and courage she shows in her battle against lupus. She’s an inspiration for me and the many others who also have this condition. My wife and daughter Emma have always been my source of strength.”

Photo Source: https://markvillar.com.ph/gallery

Vision Vanguard for the Build, Build, Build Program

Since his first foray into the world of politics in 2010, Mark has come a long way from proving his value and virtues. Yes, his surname is of value, but his virtues are more noteworthy.

In just a little over a decade as a public servant, he has carved his path and set a pace of his own to achieve what he can contribute to the lives of the Filipino people. During his legislative stint, he spearheaded as Chairman of the House Committee on Trade and Industry. He then became Vice-Chairperson of the House Committees on Overseas Workers Affairs, Labor and Employment, and Science and Technology.

He also has notable contributions to creating new laws of the land. As a congressional representative, Villar authored bills on a variety of social concerns but focused more on the livelihood of the Filipinos. He led the passage of the Co-Loading Act, which seeks to allow foreign vessels to transport and co-load foreign cargoes for domestic transshipment. Mark also authored a bill similar to the Lemon Law, wherein consumer protection in the purchase of brand new vehicles and provides legal remedies to buyers who face the ill fate of buying lemon automobiles.

However, it was in August 2016 that Mark made his mark. Despite having won a congressional seat for the third time, he was promoted to the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) secretary under the Duterte administration. As part of his capacity as the DPWH secretary, he became the vision vanguard of the government’s Build, Build, Build program. He became the overall in charge to execute and ensure that the ‘Golden Age of Infrastructure’ came to life under his leadership.

Prior to Mark’s term as secretary of the department, the country’s spending on infrastructure averaged only up to two percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Mark Villar more than doubled that—up to 5%, which amounts to Php 1T. Under the helm of Mark Villar, the department was able to supply much-needed infrastructures in the country, such as roads, bridges, schools, flood control structures, and even health centers and hospital beds. These projects helped boost the country’s economy, which suffered greatly due to the pandemic. “It was important for us [to] complete ‘Build, Build, Build’ projects in the fastest timetable possible and pump the economy in the midst of the health crisis,” Villar relates.

During his 4-year term, Mark shares that he generated over 6.5 million jobs from the program. He emphasized the importance of the skill, work, and sacrifices of many Filipino workers. A virtuoso of real estate project management, Mark ensured that the labor of brick-and-mortar layers, the expertise of highly skilled Filipino engineers, and the billions of pesos from tax-paying citizens— did their job.

Photo Source: https://markvillar.com.ph/gallery

Mark Villar: Valiant Leader

With all the years in public service, it can be said that Mark Villar is a valiant leader. He uses his foundation, skills, and passion for helping Filipinos achieve what any simple man dreams of a better future for themselves and their family.

He is determined to do his part to achieve the goals set upon him, and he uses his years of experience to continue working on worthwhile projects for the government. Speaking as a voice of velocity, Mark said, “I am confident that there is no virus that can destroy the Filipino spirit and resiliency. May your hunger to learn more continue to lead you to greater heights.”

He even has a tip for those inspired to be the best at their own vocation. “Always keep in mind that the best recipe for success is doing your passion—combined with ‘sipag at tiyaga’.”

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