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UnionBank Xcellerator Upskills 5,500+ Filipinos on Apptitude Amidst Pandemic

UnionBank Xcellerator Upskills 5,500+ Filipinos on Apptitude Amidst Pandemic

Xcellerator offers a variety of on-demand education programs to enhance the skills and competencies of Filipinos. Since its launch in 2018, UBP Xcellerator Program has received several local and international awards from the Anvil, Philippine Quill, and IDC Digital Transformation awards recognizing its efforts in developing world-class talents through upskilling in emerging tech.

Since the Philippines first went into lockdown on March 15, 2020, Xcellerator has recorded over 5,500+ enrollments in professional development courses spanning areas such as blockchain, data science, digital marketing and AI among others.

“The pandemic taught us many lessons about disruption. How can equipping ourselves with the right knowledge and tools help us get through the threats of becoming obsolete and irrelevant? What skills do I need to learn and apply to still be in demand five to ten years from now? Through Xcellerator, we allow Filipinos to innovate and upskill. And we also develop leaders that would eventually build and tech up the Philippines,” said Michelle E. Rubio, UnionBank Chief Human Resources Officer.

Apptitude, which provides the platform for Xcellerator and other educational content providers to hold virtual on-demand and live courses and issue blockchain certificates to learners, commended Xcellerator for its thrust in enabling Filipinos to learn new skills amidst increasing digital adoption.

“When the pandemic began, we saw more educational institutions and professional development programs move online. UnionBank, through its Xcellerator Program, however, was already ahead of the pack. Prior to the lockdowns, it had already created top-tier courses, even offering some of these courses for free! I still can’t believe it’s a bank sometimes with the way they’re able to compete with non-banking institutions. Its courses, which are focused on innovation and tech related skills, have helped many Filipinos adjust to the requirements of this new digital area,” said Mars Veloso, CEO of Apptitude.

Truly, Xcellerator is not slowing down anytime soon. In the coming months it is looking to launch more educational programs and learning pathways. Some of which are API, Data Science, and more.

To learn more about Xcellerator and enroll in its courses visit https://ubpxcellerator.apptitude.xyz/courses.

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