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Sun Life Releases New Protection and Savings Product with Guaranteed Cash Benefits

Sun Life Releases New Protection and Savings Product with Guaranteed Cash Benefits

In a bid to help more Filipinos grow their wealth and leave a lasting legacy to their loved ones, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. has launched Sun Legacy, a limited-pay whole-life insurance product with a savings component that offers guaranteed cash value and lifetime guaranteed cash benefits. 

Sun Legacy offers one, two, or five annual payment options. The guaranteed cash benefit is equal to 2.15% or 2.25% of the total premiums paid, depending on the plan amount chosen. It will be given annually, beginning a year after the end of the premium-paying period, and will continue until age 100. Clients may choose to accumulate guaranteed cash benefits and earn non-guaranteed dividends from the policy as well.

“Sun Legacy allows clients to build on their savings sooner, as it provides the lifetime cash benefits earlier and more frequently,” Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. President Alex Narciso said. “It can help provide an alternative source of income or help preserve clients’ accumulated wealth.”

Moreover, clients can also secure the future of their loved ones through Sun Legacy’s life insurance protection feature, which is equivalent to 125% of the total premiums paid.

“The Sun Legacy is perfect for clients looking for a straightforward product that provides a more efficient estate plan for the next generation,” Narciso said. “It can play a big part in ensuring a brighter future for our loved ones.”

Those interested in availing of the Sun Legacy can contact their Sun Life Advisor or get in touch with one via www.sunlife.com/TalkToAnAdvisor. For more information, visit www.sunlife.com.ph or follow @SunLifePH on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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