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Stress Free Laundry Days with Samsung’s Washer and Dryer Lineup

Stress Free Laundry Days with Samsung’s Washer and Dryer Lineup

With a busy and ever-changing lifestyle, laundry time is an important errand that is easy to miss due to the demands of work and everyday life. Now that the rainy season is here and the chances of having bad weather is bigger, it has become every person’s nightmare when there’s barely any sun or limited space to dry the clothes. But with the help of Samsung’s washing or drying machines, any laundry chore can be adapted to fit those with a fast-paced lifestyle and different clothing care needs.

For hassle-free and personalized washing. Doing laundry for different types of clothes or other home furnishings (such as beddings or curtains) can be an overwhelming task especially when managing home chores all at once. For first timers most especially, navigating the washing or drying machine can be difficult to even think about because of its complexities.

To make the laundry hassle free and efficient, the Washer Dryer Front Load Combo’s (WD75T554DBE) AI Control feature familiarizes itself with user preferences and combines that knowledge to provide automatic suggestion of wash cycles on its display. This feature also gives updates on the washing status of a certain cycle. Forgot to put clothes that need washing? This washer-dryer has an AddWash™ feature that lets extra clothing or detergent get added into the wash cycle or allows to pop-in hand-washed clothes in the cycle to spin dry

For stubborn stains. One of the most tiresome parts of doing laundry is cleaning out stubborn stains that just won’t go away easily. Stains are unavoidable even when really careful. But with most people attending to their laundry chores once or twice a week due to their busy work schedule, prolonged stains can become a bit difficult to remove.

Using the Front Load Washer (WW75T554DTT)’s Eco Bubble™ technology, detergent is turned into soft bubbles allowing for faster penetration to remove dirt easily even in cold water—all these while saving energy and protecting the texture and color of the fabric.

For delicate fabrics. Anyone who is meticulous with the care of their fabrics would be hesitant to use an actual dryer to dry out their delicate clothes. But with the country’s unpredictable rainy weather, it’s hard to air out clothes properly to ensure fresh smelling clothes. The Front Load Dryer (DV80T5220TT)’s OptimalDry feature uses a temperature sensor and monitors the humidity level to prevent clothing from absorbing too much heat to ensure that it won’t be damaged. Additionally, the dryer’s AI Control can help in remembering drying habits and suggest cycles while the Heat Pump Technology gently dries the clothes without using too much electricity to get the job done.

For busy multi-taskers. To maximize time while attending to other household tasks, users can remotely control the laundry settings of the Front Load Washer (WW75T554DTT ), Front Load Dryer (DV80T5220TT), and Washer Dryer Front Load Combo (WD75T554DBE)  by using a smartphone with the SmartThings app. Using this app, get notifications once the cycle is done, never skip laundry chores with the Laundry Planner function, and check recommended wash cycles with the Laundry Recipe for a truly personalized laundry experience.

Make laundry days stress free and convenient by availing these washing machine bundles with the Samsung Digital Appliances Cool Summer Bundles Sale:

  • 5kg Wash, 5.0kg Dry Front Load Combo + 60 sqm Air Purifier for only P63,711
    • Save P18,279
  • 5kg Front Load Washer + 8.0kg Front Load Dryer for only P71,510
    • Save P17,480

With this promo, Samsung Digital Appliances is offering up to 30% off on individual appliances and even bigger savings on bundles until June 30, 2021! Visit SamsungPH on Facebook and samsung.com/ph/cool-summer-bundles to know more about this promo and other participating products.


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