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Sprout Solutions, the largest local B2B SaaS company in the Philippines, held its first Client Summit at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Ortigas. Over 300 HR leaders joined the event both in-person and online. Themed “Leveraging HR Technology to Drive Transformational Change,” the event provided attendees with insights regarding the latest HR trends and updates on the company’s latest innovations to its end-to-end cloud HR platform.

In his keynote address, Kahn Do Solutions President and COO Jose Kahn underscored how analytics plays a major factor in the future of HR. He shared insights on how HR leaders could better understand and respond to the changing work environment such as prioritizing key areas in HR management namely, building critical skills and competencies; organizational design and change management; current and future leadership bench; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and the future of work.

Kahn also stressed the importance of maturing to HR 3.0 wherein the organization’s HR is an agile consulting organization that delivers efficient services and practices design thinking to push innovative solutions, cognitive tools, and transparency into the organization.

With mental health becoming an increasingly critical topic for HR managers and a growing pain point for many organizations, influential HR consultant Fabi Cariño delivered a highly relevant presentation about self-care for HR leaders. She discussed the different stress factors that HR professionals encounter and shared best practices to maintain optimal mental health in the workforce.

“One thing for sure that you have to encounter is the mental care of your workforce, nowadays it’s such a huge thing that we need to take care of them, but first let’s be selfish for one time, let’s take care of ourselves first,” Cariño said.

Driving the Digital Age Forward

Given the challenges HR practitioners face, Sprout seized the opportunity to showcase the company’s benchmarking HR tech solutions. This includes an updated Ecosystem dashboard that would allow clients to access all their Sprout-powered HR tools in one place. According to Sprout Chief Product Officer Kislay Chandra, the revamped Ecosystem was developed to solve the problems across the employee lifecycle.

“The goal here is to address all pain points across the employee lifecycle, from the time you attract and recruit an employee, to the time you onboard them, to everything that you do to retain and develop them, up until the point that they leave or retire,” Chandra explained.

Understanding how organizations must embrace and adapt to several key trends, and maximize technology to take HR management to the next level, Sprout’s HR Evangelist Atty. Lester Ople gave details on Sprout’s HR-Detailed Maturity Model (HR-DMM), showing how this platform can help organizations identify their current HR practices and tools, and chart a path toward an optimal level.

The event also saw the launching of the Sprout Circle, the official user group for Sprout clients that provides a community for HR leaders and influencers. According to Sprout’s AVP of Customer Success Bernice Locsin, joining this client-driven group would allow Sprout clients to network and share best practices with other HR leaders as well as the chance to participate in Sprout’s product development process by giving feedback and insights on soon-to-launch products and feature improvements. 

The Sprout Solutions Client Summit is just one of the company’s undertakings that put forward technological innovations in HR management. As the country’s largest B2B Saas vendor and leading HR tech solutions provider, Sprout prides itself in making an impact in the lives of Filipinos by improving business in the Philippines. As Sprout CEO and co-founder Patrick Gentry puts it, “We want to give all the tools needed to improve the way HR is done and, ultimately, make a difference in the lives of employees.”

To find out more about Sprout Solutions and how its ecosystem helps hundreds of clients solve pain points across the employee lifecycle, visit www.sprout.ph


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