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Post-Apocalyptic Japanese Anime “TENGOKU DAIMAKYO” Coming To Disney+ On April

Post-Apocalyptic Japanese Anime “TENGOKU DAIMAKYO” Coming To Disney+ On April

On April 1, the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the award-winning manga series Tengoku Daimakyo (“Heavenly Delusion”) will debut on Disney+.

Based on the series of the same name by Masakazu Ishiguro, Tengoku Daimakyo opens in the ruins of Tokyo 15 years after the world has been brought to its knees by an unprecedented disaster. With only small, isolated clusters of civilization left, Kiruko is shocked to receive a mysterious request asking her to “take this child to Heaven” before the messenger suddenly passes away. With next to no information to go off, Kiruko and Maru set off on a journey in search of “Heaven”, all the while trying to avoid “Hiruko” – a strange creature who hunts the remaining members of the human race.

Starring Gen Sato (Dr Stone: New World, Hoshi no Samidare) as Maru; Sayaka Senbongi (Bocchi the Rock!, Extreme Hearts) as Kiruko; and Hibiku Yamamura (Buddy Daddies, Akiba Meido Sensou) as Tokio, Tengoku Daimakyo is produced by Production I.G., the masterminds behind Psycho-Pass and Ghost In The Shell, is written by Makoto Fukami (Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall) and is directed by Hirotaka Mori.

As part of today’s announcement, two previously unseen pieces of artwork from the upcoming series were also released, depicting Maru and Kiruko, and a group of children living in a beautiful walled world.

Set to debut April 1, with new episodes released every Saturday on Disney+, today’s announcement comes as part of The Walt Disney Company’s expanded strategic collaboration with leading publishing house Kodansha. Fans of Japanese anime can subscribe to Disney+ today to enjoy access to other incredible anime titles including Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc, about a reformed bad boy who uses his accidentally acquired powers to go back in time and save his high school girlfriend from being murdered, as well as countless hours of other world class entertainment.

Begin streaming Tengoku Daimakyo from April 1 on Disney+.


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