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Nurture Your Kid’s Creativity with Happy Meal O’Clock

Nurture Your Kid’s Creativity with Happy Meal O’Clock

Gone are the days of struggling to find time and running out of ideas to spark the imagination and creativity of kids because McDonald’s is bringing another Happy Meal O’ Clock program featuring Teen Titans Go! Happy Meal!

Gain insights on how to unleash the creativity that lies within your child and join the Happy Meal O’ Clock Livestream happening on September 25, 2022 (Sunday), at 10 AM, via the McDonald’s Facebook page. This will be hosted by Bea Fabregas-Ramos and Gino Quillamor. The event will also feature Rev Cruz, a Children’s Storybook Illustrator and a Graphic Designer, who will demonstrate a live coloring demo of the Teen Titans Go posters while also sharing tips on how to nurture kid’s creativity.Through this program, kids will get a sense of achievement as they complete their artworks and at the same time, art sessions at home will also be a unique bonding activity for the family!

Champion your and your kids’ creativity with McDonald’s Teen Titans Go! coloring kits, now in your Happy Meal! Each coloring kit comes with colored pencils, stickers and a poster!

Watch out for upcoming Happy Meal O’ Clock programs for more tips and ideas on how to create fun, unique and memorable bonding moments with the whole family!

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