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MSI Unveils Limited Edition Co-Branded Laptop with Mercedes-AMG at MSIology: Luxury Gaming Experience Launch Event

MSI Unveils Limited Edition Co-Branded Laptop with Mercedes-AMG at MSIology: Luxury Gaming Experience Launch Event

Last May 30th, MSI held the launch event, MSIology: Luxury Gaming Experience, in which MSI announced its limited edition co-branded laptop, The Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, with Mercedes-AMG.

MSI and Mercedes-AMG Motorsport’s collaboration brings forth the Stealth 16 laptop, combining luxury and high-performance. Its Selenite Gray color design, exclusive AMG Rhombuses pattern, and magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis evoke an enigmatic image, saluting resilient Mercedes-AMG GT2 on the racetrack. Motorsport enthusiasts will be excited to see the Mercedes-AMG Motorsport logos on the top cover, bottom bezel, and back cover, adding to their thrill.

The interior performance matches the remarkable qualities found in the exterior design. Powered by an Intel Core i9 processor and NVIDIA RTX 40 graphics, the Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport delivers immersive gameplay. With a 4K 16:10 OLED display, and the advanced MSI exclusive Cooler Boost 5 system with dual fans and five heat pipes, it guarantees a flawless visual experience. The package includes specially designed accessories, showcasing the collaboration between these prestigious brands.

The Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport package includes an exclusive package featuring a specially designed color box, mouse, mouse pad, USB drive, pouch, postcards and cable ties, completing the luxurious experience. Every accessory proudly features the MSI and Mercedes-AMG Motorsport logos, symbolizing their steadfast support for those who push the boundaries in gaming and racing.

This collaboration stems from a shared commitment between both companies to relentlessly pursue the pinnacle of luxury and performance, and their efforts have garnered widespread recognition.

It is this belief that resonates with Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, making them choose MSI as their collaborative partner.

During the latter part of the press event, MSI showcased its commitment to innovate through various new features in their products. One notable hardware innovation is the recently launched Smart Touchpad on its premium gaming laptop, Raider GE78 HX Smart Touchpad. It revolutionizes the user experience by allowing swiftly access to frequently used functions with a single click and customizable instant access functions. The expandable touchpad is the largest touchpad ever seen on a laptop, offering an expansive for enhanced interaction. On the software front, MSI has also leveraged the potential of generative AI by integrating the edge version of the AI Artist into their laptops, offering a more intuitive & faster way of generating photo-realistic images without the risk of data leakage, particularly for creators.

MSI concludes the press event by reiterating their commitment to exceptional performance across their diverse range of laptops, even value gaming models such as the Cyborg 15 can provide a significant boost and twice the frame rate with chips from Intel and NVIDIA. MSI’s relentless pursuit of laptop aesthetics and the integration of materials such as magnesium-aluminum alloys have earned them prestigious recognition with 10 Red Dot Awards. Ultimately, the press event wraps up by emphasizing that MSI laptops bring a premium image and embody a harmonious blend of luxury aesthetics, extreme performance, and innovative technology.


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