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Motul, Cleanfuel Strengthen Partnership with the launch of new lubricants
Motul, Cleanfuel Strengthen Partnership with the launch of new lubricants

Motul, Cleanfuel Strengthen Partnership with the launch of new lubricants

The purveyor of Quality Fuel for Less—Cleanfuel—recently renewed its partnership with Motul Philippines in order to provide its customers with a high-quality range of oils to keep their cars protected.

Lionel Dantiacq, chief executive officer of Motul Asia Pacific, commended the recent partnership between Motul and Cleanfuel and extended its full support as both parties are committed to bring together excellent products and services to Filipino motorists.

Motul Asia Pacific’s top honcho expressed his delight over the new partnership, saying that the companies share the same vision of providing quality products for consumers who want nothing but the best at an affordable price.

“I just want to congratulate the partnership between Cleanfuel and Motul”, says Dantiacq. He goes on further to thank Cleanful and the Filipino consumers for choosing Motul. “Thanks for choosing Motul and thanks for your trust.”

The new partnership between Motul, a French company, known for producing high-performance motor oil, for performance vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, and industrial lubricants for the past 160 years, and Cleanfuel, one of the leading independent oil firms, will give Filipino motorists the best opportunity to experience the Motul brand in protecting their different types of vehicles from sedans, SUVs, pickups, and commuter vans.  

These products include

  • Multigrade Plus 15W40, an engine oil designed for sedans with either gasoline or diesel engines that offers excellent protection at an affordable price;
  • 4100 Turbolight 10W40 lubricant for turbocharged CRDI diesel or turbo  gasoline SUVs and cars, which uses the patented Technosynthese technology that utilizes anti-oxidation technologies to avoid sludge and deposits build up, as well as anti-corrosion properties for longer engine life and longer oil change intervals;
  • H-Tech Prime 5W40, a 100-percent synthetic engine oil for high performance engines that offers the ultimate protection and promotes longer engine life and oil change intervals for high performance vehicles.

Each type of lubricant is designed not only to provide added protection but to help promote more efficient operation, as well as help reduce running and maintenance costs–a useful attribute during these times of skyrocketing fuel prices.

For his part, Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, President and CEO of Cleanfuel Group of Companies, likewise expressed his gratitude to Motul Asia Pacific for entrusting Cleanfuel with the mission of helping to provide the Filipino consumer with world-class quality lubricants and car care products.

“We at Cleanfuel are both delighted and humbled by Motul’s decision to entrust us with helping provide quality motor oil for the Filipino motorist”, notes Suntay.

The two executives went on further to commit to strengthening their partnership with new products and innovations, as well as additional value-added services for consumers in the years to come.

Present during the courtesy visit were Howell Johnny Kau, Business Development Manager of Motul Asia Pacific Pted. Ltd; Luis Gono, Vice President of Prestige Centre Corporation; Carlos Gono, President of Prestige Centre Corporation; Philippe Chul, Sales Director of Motul Asia Pacific Pted. Ltd; Atty. Jesus “Bong” Suntay, president and CEO of Cleanfuel; Ralph Atienza, Vice President of Cleanfuel; and Marco Atienza, Director of Cleanfuel.  

With this, Filipino motorists can expect great things from Motul and Cleanfuel.

For online reservation, log at Quality Fuel for Less – Clean Fuel.


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