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McDonald’s opens its doors again to provide safe space for students’ after-school studying

McDonald’s opens its doors again to provide safe space for students’ after-school studying

McDonald’s recognizes the importance of education and the challenges students face in finding a safe and conducive learning environment for after-school work. With this in mind, McDonald’s continues to provide a solution that caters to their needs.

In 2020, over 200 McDonald’s Party Areas were turned into McDonald’s Classroom that catered to teachers’ need for a safe, work-friendly place to conduct their online classes. Coming from the success and impact of the McDonald’s Classroom in the past years, McDonald’s elevates the program to better utilize its party areas and maximize the use of it during the night time. Starting March 28, 2023, 60 participating McDonald’s stores near key universities open their doors to students nationwide to the McDonald’s Night Classroom that shall cater to their late night study sessions from 8 PM to 6 AM daily.

The McDonald’s Night Classroom is equipped with solo study and wide table setups and free WiFi access in select stores for uninterrupted study and work sessions. Aside from a space to work and study, participants can also enjoy big deals and discounts on their McDonald’s favorites with exclusive offers from the McDonald’s App starting April 1. With the Night Classroom, students can now have a convenient and comfortable location to complete their academic tasks, allowing them to maximize their productivity.

“McDonald’s has always been a safe and trusted space to create feel-good moments for all— whether you’re a family celebrating a birthday, an employee getting their coffee fix before work, or a student looking for a place to pull an all-nighter. Students have already been treating McDonald’s as their go-to place for meetings or study sessions, so the McDonald’s Night Classroom is our special way of supporting them with their schoolwork,” said Oliver Rabatan, McDonald’s Philippines Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Ready to pull an all-nighter the McDonald’s way? Visit the nearest McDonald’s Night Classroom now. For the complete list of participating stores, visit http://bit.ly/McDoNightClassroom2023. Follow McDonald’s Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to stay on the loop with McDonald’s updates. 


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