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J&T Express Indonesia ventures to air freight shipping

J&T Express Indonesia ventures to air freight shipping

Opening a new era of high-end aviation express, J&T Express Group held the first flight ceremony of its first all-cargo aircraft.

Last March 18, J&T Express Group unveiled the first all-cargo aircraft flight ceremony at Tangerang, Indonesia, officially opening a new era of J&T aviation express.

At the first flight ceremony, the first all-cargo aircraft model unveiled by J&T Express Group was the Boeing 737-300, with a maximum capacity of 15 tons. It was one of the seven all-cargo aircrafts that were fully leased. J&T Express’s all-cargo aircraft will have at least two local flights a day. The J&T Express Group’s deployment of an all-cargo charter model in Indonesia will greatly reduce air transportation costs, increase air transportation capacity, and establish stable and efficient air transportation services.

J&T Express’ high-end aircraft are loaded and unloaded in the same day, this will improve Indonesian customers’ delivery experience, and touch up the express delivery time.


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