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HACKING GOOGLE: a docuseries on how Google’s security teams work

HACKING GOOGLE: a docuseries on how Google’s security teams work

Google is taking people behind the scenes to show the world how its security teams keep people safe everyday in a new six-part docuseries, HACKING GOOGLEwhich is now available on YouTube.

From intercepting government-based cyber attacks, or taking on the job of hacking Google to strengthen its defenses, the series profiles some of the many teams that do this work behind closed doors.

HACKING GOOGLE begins with Operation Aurora which tells the story of how Google dealt with the biggest nation-state attack against their corporate infrastructure in 2010. This attack resulted in the theft of intellectual property which affected at least 20 other companies.

“In the aftermath of Aurora, we began a complete overhaul of our security team, strategy and technical capabilities. Billions of dollars of new investment, thousands of the world’s top security experts, new paradigms, new hardware and new highly specialized teams were gathered, all with one purpose: to ensure that users stay safe in the face of any and all future attacks. Thirteen years later, we’re proud to say that Google keeps more people safe online than anyone else in the world,” said Heather Adkins, Vice President of Security Engineering at Google.

The launch of the series comes after the completion of the H4CK1NG G00GL3 Challenge where thousands of hackers, hobbyists, and students from more than a hundred countries worked together to solve security puzzles in order to unlock each of the six episodes.

With billions of people using Google  to find reliable resources,  find out how Google carries the responsibility of making sure that every personal information is kept private, safe, and secure.

Read more about the episodes here and head over to Google’s YouTube channel to watch HACKING GOOGLE.

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