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GAOC and John Lloyd complement each other
GAOC and John Lloyd complement each other

GAOC and John Lloyd complement each other

Besides possessing the innate acting talent that has earned him critical acclaim and recognition, as well as the boy-next-door good looks to match, one thing you can’t help but notice about John Lloyd is his totally appealing and heart-melting smile, which has sent his legion of female fans aflutter. And for this, he credits the personal dental care and attention he receives from Dr. Steve Mark Gan and his team of dental professionals at the Advanced Osseointegration Center or GAOC.

In fact, John Lloyd has been one of GAOC’s most loyal and trusted clients, their relationship going strong now for 14 years. “I’ve been friends with Dr. Mark since 2003,” he proudly reveals. “I’ve been with him almost since day one!”

But what is it exactly about GAOC that they have earned John Lloyd’s full trust when it comes to his dental care needs?

“I’m always very proud to say that I go to the best dental clinic!” John Lloyd exclaims. “GAOC is truly the most sophisticated in the country. The people here work with the highest standards. The doctors can never be more articulate. And it’s always refreshing after every visit because I don’t just get satisfied with my dental needs but I always learn from the doctors as well.”

Indeed, GAOC has consistently been raising the standards of the dental practice in the Philippines, guided by a culture of excellence where patients are considered valued partners, staffed by a team of caring and professional dental practitioners.  This is complemented by only the most advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities available, housed in sleek, modern, and luxurious clinics. “I call it the ultimate dental pleasure,” he says of his visits to GAOC. “It’s something you can’t experience elsewhere.”

With the countless awards and accolades, he has garnered throughout his stellar career, John Lloyd has truly many reasons to smile, and thanks to GAOC, he can actually do so without hesitation.

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