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Five ways to keep your dog happy, eat smart and healthy with #GoodBoyDogFood available at Shopee

Five ways to keep your dog happy, eat smart and healthy with #GoodBoyDogFood available at Shopee

The coronavirus pandemic has bothered the daily habits of people all around the world and even our loving pet dogs are no exception. But there’s no virus that can stop us from keeping our dog happy and entertained.

The easiest ways to keep your dog happy and healthy is through a mix of the right nourishment and activities which together can boost immunity, maintain muscle and stay fit. Below are five ways to keep your dog happy plus choosing to eat smart and eat healthy with the recommended dog food that’s nutritious and approved.

1. Teach and play a game of fetch.

Fetch is one way to get some extra fun activity with your dog to be mentally encouraged and increase your bond together. In just a quick game of fetch, it also provides an energy outlet to restrain any destructive behaviors and another way to tucker them out so they get the sleep they need.

You might encounter pet dogs that happily run after a thrown toy, but then refuse to bring it back or they might pick up the toy and make you chase them around. Don’t feel down if your dog probably won’t automatically run when you throw a toy or ball and bring it back. But the good thing is that both of you are sharing a time to bond together, have fun and make them happy.

Image courtesy of Good Boy Dog Food Facebook page

2. Walk or exercise together with your dog. 

If you’re not yet ready to go out with your dog because of the pandemic, you can still walk with your dog at a decent pace through your home. No matter what size of your house or apartment you can still find time for at least 10-15 minutes a day with your pet.

There are some plenty of exercises you can do together with your dog which you can find them via online. You can check below some of our recommended sites:

And as a tip, always remember to have an available plenty of fresh water for your dog.

3. Give them some belly rub or massage. 

Dogs love belly rubs! When you see them rolling over on their back give them an affectionate belly rub or even a scratch. It’s one way that your dog expresses how much they love and trust you.

If you want them more to be happy, give your dog a nice massage that would wind them down at the end of the day. Just like us whenever we get a good massage it relieves stress and make us feel relaxed, it goes the same thing that’s experience by our dogs. Plus, it stimulates the dog’s muscles and tissue which improves circulation.

4. Invest in a few good chew toys.

Dogs always love and need to chew. You might need to spend a little on chew toys which can help entertain your dog during down time. They are much safer than bones, promotes dental health, relieves stress or anxiety and mental stimulation as it requires a lot of their focus.

Some toys are much tougher than others, so you might take a few attempts before you find that perfect chew toy that’s tough enough and loved by your dog. Having a chew toy further relieves of the dog’s boredom, destructive behavior and cope up separation anxiety whenever you’re not beside them.

5. Feed your dog with high quality and healthy dog food. 

Apart from the mental and physical exercises you’re providing to your dog. It is crucial that our favorite and loving pet is fed happily with a healthy dog food. One dog food we can recommend and you can try out is Good Boy Dog Food now available here in the Philippines.

Good Boy Dog Food is made with complete and balanced ingredients perfect for their daily health needs. Good Boy Dog Food follows the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) basic dog food nutrition requirements. So dog parents are ensured that they are given the smart and healthy dog food for their beloved pets.

AAFCO is a voluntary organization from Illinois USA, which is comprised largely of regulatory officials who have responsibility for enforcing their state’s laws and regulations concerning the safety of animal feeds.

Good Boy Dog Food has specific variants made for any type of dog from adult, small breed and puppy which is now available online at Shopee.

Here are some of the products now offered by Good Boy Dog Food:

For more product information or shop Good Boy Dog Food products, simply visit  https://shopee.ph/goodboydogfood. You can check their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/goodboydogfoodph/

If you’re looking for amazing deals, please visit http://www.shopee.ph/ or download the Shopee app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to learn more.


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