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Download your Petron Viber New Best Day Stickers

Download your Petron Viber New Best Day Stickers

Petron has released a new set of Best Day stickers on Viber to help road warriors communicate with family and friends in new and fun ways. This is in keeping with Petron’s mission to always give customers a Best Day, the stickers are designed to be upbeat and are sure to bring smiles to anyone who will receive them.

Stickers with commonly-used expressions like ‘good morning’, ‘cheers’, ‘u da best’, wow and ‘lol’ are given a fresh and more colorful look. Motorists, on the other hand, can relate to stickers saying ‘road trip’, ‘labas tayo’ and ‘traffic, bes!’  Meanwhile, those needing encouragement can get their much-needed confidence boost from the ‘kaya yan’, ‘kapit lang’, and ‘tara’  stickers.

The new #PetronBestDay sticker set can be downloaded for free from the Viber sticker market only until March 11, 2018. But once downloaded, the set will stay in your Viber app permanently. You may download the free sticker set at http://bit.ly/ViberPetron2_ph.


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