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BlueWater Day Spa Introduces Two Great New Treatments: MLD and Indian Head Massage
BlueWater Day Spa Introduces Two Great New Treatments: MLD and Indian Head Massage

BlueWater Day Spa Introduces Two Great New Treatments: MLD and Indian Head Massage

Renowned spa and wellness center BlueWater Day Spa introduces two new massage treatments: the MLD and Indian Head Massage guaranteed to relieve stress and ease away tension. A BWDS blogger event was held last July 25,2017 at the BlueWater Day Spa Ortigas-Greenhills branch together with selected online bloggers. They were educated by Theresa Tolentino, BlueWater Day Spa Head Trainor about the benefits, procedure and possible results about the new massages. They were also given a chance to try and experience both of the new treatments. Present and welcoming the online bloggers are Nancy Go, BlueWater Day Spa Operations Manager and Cerah Hernandez hosting the event.

MLD Massage (Approximately 1 Hour – Php650.00)

MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage is not painful but a gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues space body. The excess fluid then goes through your body’s sewage system and exits out of our body through our urine. This massage is the perfect therapeutic prescription for detoxifying and slimming.; Recharges the immune system and reduce water retention and boosts sluggish circulation.

MLD can prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions as well as in preventative health maintenance. MLD works to help recirculate body fluids, stimulate functioning and balancing of the immune system.

This treatment is also safe for pregnant women, especially during the later stages of pregnancy, would find it very beneficial to aid the flow of lymphatic fluid and to support relaxation and calmness, ideal as they approach birth. Children starting from 2 years old can acquire the MLD massage that can benefit in their growth stages.

This massage is best to stimulate and improve the following: Edemas, Wrinkles, skin complexion, eye bags, sagging breasts, cellulites “ Sleeping disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cholesterol, Stress, Memory Loss, Immune system stimulation, PMS. Breast Pain. Infertility. Menstruation. Fibrocystic Masopathy in breasts, Headaches, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Sprains, Hematomas, Fractures, Traumas,  Muscle Cramps, Scars/Fibrosis, Neck pain, Whiplash, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Bladder and Kidney.

Indian Head Massage ( Approximately 45 minutes – Php 450.00)

A very relaxing holistic treatment that applies acupressure massage focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, head and face where there is tension, tightness and stiffness.

This ancient therapeutic massage technique is practiced in India for over a thousand years. It is said or believed that this form of massage focuses on the three higher “chakras” – mind, body and spirit therefore as such hits your energy epicentre. Now available at Blue Water Day Spa by International Indian trainor. Ms Ranjeet Kour.

The massage uses aromatic essential oils that help soothe the nerves to keep you calm, balanced and absolutely de-stressed after the treatment. It can stimulates and improves scalp circulation for promoting strength, growth and texture of hair.

The benefits of this treatment can relax the scalp, relieves eye strain and headaches. While stretching and moving the neck and shoulders improves mobility and flexibility of joints on the said areas.

(L-R) BlueWater Day Spa Head Trainor Theresa Tolentino and Cerah Hernandez host
Event host Cerah Hernandez
Nancy Go BlueWater Day Spa Operations Manager (seating 2nd from the left) joins the group photo op with Cerah Hernandez and models.


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