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8 Great Gifts for a Memorable Bachelorette Party

8 Great Gifts for a Memorable Bachelorette Party

When your BFF is finally tying the knot with the love of her life, you would traditionally celebrate her change in status by throwing a fabulous party in her honor. Bridal showers are often hosted by the bride’s family, so they tend to be more formal and toned down. On the other hand, bachelorette parties are less stuffy and give brides-to-be an opportunity to let loose and even go a little wild. Hosting a bachelorette party for your bestie allows her to take a break from all the stress of wedding planning and just have fun with her closest girlfriends.

Gifts aren’t a requirement at bachelorette parties but they are a great opportunity to celebrate your enduring friendship and get a little naughty with your gift-giving. If you’re feeling a bit shy about looking up “sex toys ph” online (tip: use the Incognito mode of your browser when using a shared device), here are some gift ideas to consider.

Personalized Photo Filters

Though you can agree ahead of time to avoid documenting “surprise numbers”, more SFW parts of the party will  definitely be going on social media to preserve your fun memories. Upgrade everyone’s selfies and crazy dancing videos with a cute photo filter that has been personalized for the occasion. Include the details of the party and upload the filter for use on your gang’s app of choice. Brides who are active social media users will love seeing these collected moments, especially if they’ve been busy with other guests.

Instant Camera

For brides who prefer physical keepsakes, giving them an instant print camera can help them fill up their planners and scrapbooks. Include a roll or two of film so they can enjoy taking photos with all their guests and make double prints. Instant cameras are also a great gift for documenting their new life as part of a married couple, whether while on their dream honeymoon or simply settling into their first home together.

Scented Candles and Bath Bombs

Wedding planning can be a very stressful time for the bride, so getting her gifts that promote relaxation is always welcome. Choose scented candles that feature lavender, vanilla, bamboo, or other soothing scents to help her unwind. You can also include bath bombs that smell good and help to soften skin, so she can use them for a me-time soak or as part of a romantic activity with her new husband.

Funny Undies

Giving sexy thongs and lacy nightgowns are common in bachelorette parties, so shake things up a bit by adding an extra special print. A pair of panties with her husband-to-be’s face printed all over the front is sure to be a memorable gift for the bride, and a special surprise for the groom. Get plus points if you use a photo with a funny facial expression.

Silk Robes

Another bachelorette gift staple, a pretty silk robe actually offers a bride-to-be a bit of practicality. Preparations on the day of the wedding include hair and makeup sessions that are usually part of the wedding photographer’s documentation. To keep comfortable while looking photo-ready, many brides opt to wear silk robes during preps. These garments are easy to get out of without disturbing hair and makeup, and they pair well with sexy lingerie.

Flavored Lubricant

Buying bedroom accessories for the couple can be tricky if you’re not familiar with their preferences, but anyone can find a good use for a little extra lubrication. Choose a water-based formula so they can opt to use it with toys, and include different flavors for variety. You can also include lubricants that give hot or cold sensations or double as a massage oil.

Lipstick Vibrator

If you do want to get a toy for your friend, lipstick vibrators are a great option. These pocket-sized sex toys really do look like a normal tube of lipstick for users who want to remain discreet, but the vibrations are powerful enough for satisfying clitoral stimulation. Lipstick vibrators are beginner-friendly and can be used without lubricant. She can use this on her own to discover more of her pleasure points or play with it with her partner to spice things up in the bedroom.

Celebrity Shout-out

If you know your friend has the biggest crush on Timothy Chalamet or Tom Holland, you can use celebrity shout-out services to request a personalized video greeting. The kilig rating for this kind of gift is off the charts, and it’s a flex for how well you really know your bestie. 

Great bachelorette parties are sure to be memorable for any bride-to-be but if you need an excuse to pamper her some more, include a gift that shows your support for this new phase in her life. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be memorable. They’re just a reminder that though your friend may be changing her status and even her name, she can count on her bride squad to always have her back.

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