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Vertica Analytics Platform debuts on the Alibaba Cloud to address growing global demand

Vertica Analytics Platform debuts on the Alibaba Cloud to address growing global demand

Last September 17, Vertica officially announced the launch of the Vertica Analytics Platform on the Alibaba Cloud Platform during its first-ever online media briefing. Intelligence-driven organizations can now run Vertica’s fast and massively scalable analytics and Machine Learning against the largest data volumes for insights.

Vertica enables data engineers and data scientists to address every step in the predictive analytics process with end-to-end advanced analytics and machine learning at scale within Vertica’s MPP architecture. With subscription pricing hosted on the Alibaba Cloud, the scale and performance that Vertica delivers for the world’s largest and most intelligence-driven organizations can now be deployed in minutes through Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group.

“We are glad to bring world-leading database solutions to Alibaba Cloud such as Vertica,” said Dr. Li Feifei, President of the Database Products Business Unit, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “Customers now can deploy the high-performance analytics and machine learning product at scale easily, while adopting pricing that matches their needs.”

With support for Alibaba Cloud, Vertica addresses a growing global demand for more public cloud platform support in every area of the world. Vertica customers can also bring their own Vertica license (BYOL) to Alibaba Cloud, further expanding Vertica’s commitment to companies that require multi-cloud and hybrid deployments for their long-term analytics strategy.   

AddNewer has relied on Vertica on Alibaba Cloud for years. “Vertica is very powerful and efficient for multiple scenarios including complex query at scale, large table joins, and more,” says CTO of AddNewer, Kepan Wang. “Vertica helped us to improve business efficiency, build competitive advantage, and save a huge amount of human labor and operational cost. We look forward to the innovation of Vertica on the Alibaba Cloud.”

Vertica can be launched in minutes on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and Vertica customers can also bring their own license (BYOL) and use the Vertica Management Console for a rapid and customized deployment on Alibaba Cloud. 

For more information on Vertica, please visit http://www.vertica.com/.


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