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UnionBank’s Selyado 5.0 Focuses on Privacy-Enabled Secure Systems

UnionBank’s Selyado 5.0 Focuses on Privacy-Enabled Secure Systems

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) recently held the fifth iteration of its annual Selyado series, which focused on data privacy and security. Led by data privacy and cyber security experts from the public and private sectors, the event entitled “Selyado 5.0: Fostering A Privacy-Enabled Secure System,” aimed to raise awareness and promote privacy-enabled secure ecosystems for Filipinos, through four different activities held from May 17 to June 7, 2023.

“This year’s Selyado is all about empowering ordinary Filipinos with knowledge that will help them safeguard their data and privacy, which is invaluable in a world where threat actors are becoming more innovative in their methods of causing harm in the digital space,” said UnionBank Data Privacy Office Head and Deputy Data Protection Officer Atty. Jesse Pauline Solis, who presided over the event.

Kicking off the event on May 17 was “Selyado on Wheels: School Edition,” a symposium designed for Grade 10 students held in partnership with Pasig City Science High School. It featured Privacy Compliance Officer Atty. Danniel Amorin, who provided practical strategies for safeguarding personal information; and DevSecOps engineer Johann Paolo Abog, who discussed cybersecurity fundamentals, including identifying phishing and scams and securing accounts and sensitive data. UnionBank’s Chief Information Security Officer Joey Rufo delivered the closing remarks, emphasizing that the youth who are safe and secure online are the hope of the nation.

On May 24, UnionBank led an online roundtable discussion where Rufo, together with the Data Protection Officers of the Aboitiz Group (Christine Kempeneers of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Ed Monares of Pilmico Food Group, Atty. Ernie Villarin of Visayan Electric Co., Inc., and Atty. Mischele Sta. Ana of Aboitiz Land) talked about data privacy and the importance of data subject rights.

On May 26, the Bank held a “Selyado on Wheels” symposium for the students of the Banilad Center for Professional Development in Cebu City with the theme “Fostering a Privacy-Enabled Secure Ecosystem.” The event played a crucial role in cultivating a privacy-conscious and cyber-resilient community, particularly among the youth.

Selyado 5.0 culminated on June 7 with a series of discussions led by experts, who delivered insightful talks that addressed critical aspects of data privacy and security.  National Privacy Commission (NPC) Deputy Commissioner Atty. Leandro Angelo Aguirre, emphasized the significance of safeguarding personal data, particularly for the younger generation. He cited potential risks posed by online quizzes and surveys designed to extract sensitive information, and underscored the role of parents as the “frontline defenders” and encouraged them to: be vigilant, read terms and conditions, and monitor their children’s online activities.  

Atty. John Fajardo of Fajardo Law Offices, introduced “PrivaSEA”, a new perspective on privacy. “Privacy is like the open sea. The implications are vast, and you can easily drown in it. That’s why you need to learn how to navigate through it effectively,” shared Fajardo. Fajardo also presented information about data subject rights, discussing familiar topics such as website cookies and the importance of maintaining control over personal data. He then emphasized the need for responsible online behavior and urged attendees to approach terms and conditions with a sense of responsibility, to empower them to make informed choices.

Mircosoft’s Senior Security Specialist Abigail Roces shared valuable insights on the current state of internet users and highlighted the various online threats targeting children. She cited the importance of vigilance and the need for proactive measures to protect children and their personal data, and provided practical tips and best practices to enhance data privacy and security for families, including teaching children to be cautious when encountering suspicious emails, links, or files from unknown sources. “We need to be vigilant. There’s no room for complacency in today’s world. Criminals know that children are easy prey,” Roces said. “The internet offers several opportunities, but it also poses several risks that we guardians and parents must address. We have to take the necessary steps to protect our children and their personal data.”

SELYADO 5.0 successfully showcased the commitment of industry professionals from the NPC, Microsoft, and UnionBank in fostering a privacy-enabled secure ecosystem, which is in line with the Bank’s “Tech-Up Pilipinas” advocacy that aims to promote digital literacy among Filipinos.


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