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Sunra Electric Motorcycles Now Available In The Philippines
Sunra Electric Motorcycles Now Available In The Philippines

Sunra Electric Motorcycles Now Available In The Philippines

With the growing importance of sustainable transportation solutions, electric motorcycles have emerged as another promising alternative to their traditional fossil-fueled counterparts.

Sunra, a leading player in producing excellent-performance electric vehicles, has arrived in the Philippines to introduce its innovative electric motorcycles to the market. Sunra has an extensive product portfolio of electric vehicles ranging from moped, high-speed, utility, bicycle, and more.

On performance, Sunra electric motorcycles are known for their impressive acceleration and instant torque. It comes equipped with advanced features such as reverse gear, smart connectivity, and user-friendly digital displays.

Sunra offers more energy-efficient and lower maintenance requirements. These electric motorcycles have no need for oil changes, fewer moving parts, and a simpler drivetrain, the maintenance costs are significantly reduced. 

All SUNRA electric motorcycle has passed and approved certificates such as EEC, DOT, CE, and EPA.

For the Philippines, Sunra will be offering three electric motorcycles – Sunra HawkSunra ROBO-S and the Sunra Miku Super.

Here are the specifications of each model.

Sunra Hawk

The Sunra Hawk is an electric scooter powered by a 1,800 watt electric motor that can go a maximum speed of up to 45km/h.

One of the key highlight features of the Sunra Hawk is a dedicated media center with a physical control panel, USB port, and bluetooth connectivity. The scooter has built-in dual stereo speakers that enables to play music while driving or while parked in an area with friends listening to music to set the mood.

It has a digital display panel and a removable lithium batteries for a range of 65km.


  • Colors: White, Black, Gray, Red
  • Wheelbase: 1380mm
  • Max Speed: 45km/h
  • Max Range: 65km
  • Motor: 100% Electric
  • Motor Power: 1800W
  • Meter: Digital Display
  • Battery: 72V/20AH Lithium
  • Brake: Disc (Front), Drum (Rear)
  • Tire: F:110/70-12, R: 120/70-12 Tubeless
  • Size: 1900x730x1100mm
  • Price: Php88,000

Sunra ROBO-S

Sporting a modern and stylish futuristic design, the Sunra ROBO-S boasts of a 3000W electric motor with a portable lithium battery that can run with a maximum range of up to 135km.

It has a three-speed mode with top speed of up to 80km/h and reverse switch allowing the rider to back up the bike effortlessly.

Other features on the ROBO-S are digital instrument panel, integrated LED tail light, USB port, retractable footrest, ample legroom and spacious foot deck

The ROBO–S is a perfect choice for the zero emission urban socialite or commuter.


  • Colors: White, Black
  • Wheelbase: 1305mm
  • Max Speed: 80km/h
  • Max Range: 135km
  • Motor: 100% Electric
  • Motor Power: 3000W
  • Meter: Digital Display
  • Battery: 2*72V/20AH Lithium (Portable)
  • Brake: Disc (Front &Rear)
  • Tire: 110/70-12, Tubeless
  • Size: 1750x740x1150mm
  • Price: Php168,800

Sunra Miku Super

The brand’s high-end electric motorcycle, the Sunra Miku Super is equipped with a powerful 3,000 watt electric motor with max speed of 80km/h.

It features a retro-looking headlight, modern taillight and an illuminated blue logo on the side, which gives it a stylish look.

The Miku Super has two swap-able lithium batteries for a driving range of 135km. It sports a digital dashboard and an extra seating space for a rear passenger.

For safety, it is fitted with front and rear disc brakes for optimal braking performance.


  • Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Max Speed: 80km/h
  • Max Range: 135km
  • Motor: 100% Electric
  • Motor Power: 3000W
  • Meter: Digital Display
  • Battery: 2*72V20AH Lithium (Portable)
  • Charging Time: 4 Hours
  • Brake: Disc (Front &Rear)
  • Tire: 120/70-12, Tubeless
  • Seating: 2 Persons
  • Frame Type: Steel
  • Size: 1840x780x1050mm
  • Price: Php198,800

Sunra electric motorcycles offer a compelling package of environmental sustainability, cost savings, advanced features, and a smooth, enjoyable riding experience.

With Sunra Philippines now available in the country, it aligns with the broader goal of creating a greener and more sustainable future.

VST ECS Phils., the country’s leading ICT distributor in the Philippines, is the authorized distributor of Sunra electric motorcycles.

You can book a test ride if you want to experience any of the three Sunra models. Just visit the Sunra Phillipines Store located at SM North EDSA, North Link Building, Ground Level (near Main Mall Parking Entrance).

For inquiries, you can also visit or follow the official social media pages of Sunra Philippines:


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