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Pru Life UK Investments celebrates first anniversary with series of investalks

Pru Life UK Investments celebrates first anniversary  with series of investalks

Pru Life UK Investments is celebrating its first anniversary with a series of virtual investment talks for its certified investment advisors (CIAs), employees, and the public. The company will showcase its product offerings and achievements over its past year of operations in the country.

The celebrations kicked off yesterday with esPRUsso: A Coffee Talk with Pru Life UK Investments CEO Lee Longa, which was held via Zoom and was opened to hundreds of Pru Life UK Investments’ CIAs, who are insurance agents of Pru Life UK and certified by Pru Life UK Investments to sell its Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs). The conversation covered topics such as Pru Life UK’s business highlights, strategic plans, and development programs for its CIAs.

On October 16, Francis Kong, a recipient of the Outstanding Filipino Award in 2014 and one of the most respected business speakers in the country, will be hosting PRUInvesTalks Module 4 as part of  PRUInvesTalks, a virtual learning series aimed at further strengthening the skills of Pru Life UK Investments’ CIAs. Kong will speak on the topic Defy the odds and bring out the best in you. He will also be joined by Pru Life UK agent and Pru Life UK Investments CIA Angela Gaw-Flores, who will share her perspectives on being a financial advisor in the midst of the pandemic.

On October 23, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno will participate in the celebration as a keynote speaker at the PRUInvesTalks Plus, a free public webinar open to thousands of clients, CIAs, stakeholders, and partners. In this event, titled Pilipinas Rising Up, Governor Diokno will discuss the role of investments in reshaping the future of financial inclusion in the country. Individuals can register their interest via this link.

Established in 2019, Pru Life UK Investments offers savings and wealth creation solutions to Filipinos looking to focus on investments. The company’s superior fund selection consists of eight products, each tailored to the clients’ risk appetite of conservative, moderate, or aggressive investments. In May 2020, the company launched three new products – PRUInvest PHP Dynamic Equity Fund, PRUInvest PH Equity Index Tracker Fund, and PRUInvest USD Intermediate Term Bond Fund.

Pru Life UK Investments currently has over 900 clients serviced by 1,090 CIAs. The company remains committed to serving its clients through online channels during the lockdown and continued to train its CIAs through online briefings and UITF certification programs.


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