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P.A. Properties and DualTech Training Center forge partnership to support Electromechanics Technology Apprenticeship Program

P.A. Properties and DualTech Training Center forge partnership to support Electromechanics Technology Apprenticeship Program

P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) and DualTech Training Center Foundation, Inc. have officially solidified their partnership through a memorandum of agreement to collaborate for an apprenticeship program in Electromechanics Technology. This initiative aims to enhance the technical skills of outstanding students, reflecting a shared commitment to empower Filipino youth for success in the dynamic realms of industry and technology.

The official signing ceremony took place on January 30, 2023, at the DualTech Training Center located in Carmelray Industrial Park 1, Calamba, Laguna.

DualTech Training Center Foundation, Inc. operates under the Dual Training System, a proven instructional model blending in-plant and in-school training. This system, aligned with the DTS Act of 1994 (RA 7686), represents a collaborative effort between accredited educational institutions and business establishments.

As a TESDA-accredited vocational school, DualTech is authorized to conduct a TESDA-registered program on 2-Year Electromechanics Technology. Their wealth of experience, trained personnel, state-of-the-art facilities, and technical qualifications position them as a leading force in technical vocational education.

P.A. Properties, equipped with advanced technology, ample resources, facilities, and government accreditation, is well-prepared to execute the in-plant training aspect of the Dual Training System for DualTech’s trainees. This partnership is a synergistic blend of expertise and resources, poised to revolutionize technical vocational education in the country.

Both parties acknowledge the urgent need for a collective effort to promote the Dual Training System in the Philippines. This collaboration transcends mere business partnership; it is a strategic move towards making industry-responsive education and skills training accessible to Filipino youth. The initiative is a significant step in nation-building, signifying a commitment to improving productivity and enhancing the lives of countless individuals who will benefit from the partnership.


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