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NTT Ltd. launches its iNTTerconnected positioning, continues to aid businesses amid the pandemic

NTT Ltd. launches its iNTTerconnected positioning, continues to aid businesses amid the pandemic

NTT Ltd., a world-leading global tech solutions provider, has recently announced its iNTTerconnected positioning, highlighting why connections matter now more than ever, as it continues to support businesses amid the pandemic. Its merger with Diversified Technology Systems Inc. Group (DTSI), Dimension Data Philippines, and Emerio have allowed NTT to provide next-level IT solutions, aiding companies in their transition to remote working and accelerating their digital transformation. Through iNTTerconnected, the company aims to bring together people, organizations, and communities, forming a connected world and investing in a future where connection will provide universal access to opportunity. 

“As a technology solutions provider, it is our duty to guide and support businesses to adapt to today’s developments and ensure that they continue to thrive, no matter what disruptions they may face–pandemic or non-pandemic,” said Ireen Catane, CEO, Philippines, NTT Ltd. “We were equipped, even before this situation, to address the current challenges companies face in terms of their IT needs and can help them achieve their business objective and goals.” 

Today, NTT has more than 10,000 clients around the globe from various industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive, and technology. The company is supporting these clients through its broad spectrum of services such as cloud management, cybersecurity, data centers, network and hybrid workplace solutions. 

Through NTT’s Hybrid Cloud services, businesses and their employees are able to work wherever they are. The businesses are able to scale up and down as per fluctuating workloads and keep sensitive data secure while experiencing seamless collaboration and optimal performance.  

Its security program, meanwhile, helps companies build, deliver, and manage a cybersecurity posture that keeps businesses secure in their digital transformation journey. NTT guarantees that companies are secured by design with their intelligence-driven technology that allows companies to understand, manage and address cyber risks in real-time across hybrid environments. 

Lastly, NTT’s hybrid workplace solutions promote a network structure that delivers an engaging workplace experience, enhances employee experience, fosters cyber-safe remote collaboration, and optimizes enterprise applications for hybrid cloud. 

“We are one of very few organizations in the world positioned to really help clients accelerate business transformation in this hyper distributed world. Our global and local tech expertise has allowed us to foresee upcoming trends and innovate along with the times,” shared Catane. 

While the world still adjusts to the new normal, NTT is eager to bring and sustain connections as businesses continue to progress digitally. Through NTT’s industry-leading digital backbone, secure multi-cloud platform, and extensive portfolio of global cloud-to-edge services, the company aims to accelerate business transformation, capture emerging opportunities, disrupt industries for good, and shape a better society for everyone to live and work in.   


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