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MAGGI advocates for sarap and sustansiya in everyday cooking through skills-building and partnerships to empower homecooks

MAGGI advocates for sarap and sustansiya in everyday cooking through skills-building and partnerships to empower homecooks

As the Filipinos’ trusted partner in the kitchen, where good eating habits begin, MAGGI is embarking on an advocacy that will empower moms and other homecooks to confidently prepare tasty yet healthy dishes through its Sarap-Sustansya recipe ideas that are affordable and easy to prepare every day. Along with its products that make nutritious food more appetizing to every member of the family, MAGGI’s kitchen tips and recipe ideas aim to enable more Filipinos benefit from a well-rounded meal plan.

Amid the unpredictable availability of common food staples, MAGGI recognizes that Filipino moms are increasingly faced with challenges in nourishing their families with a balanced daily diet. In many cases, healthy food is associated with bland and boring dishes, making it a struggle for moms to entice family members – particularly kids – to eat dishes containing vegetables and other nutrient-rich ingredients. Most homecooks have a misconception that ‘healthy cooking’ requires more skill, time or special ingredients that may be expensive and difficult to source.

“MAGGI believes that moms have a pivotal role in making a positive impact on their families’ health and overall well-being through Sarap-Sustansya cooking,” said Rosalyn Simba, Business Executive Officer – Food and Dairy Culinary Business Unit at Nestlé Philippines. “Our goal with this advocacy is to help moms and homecooks overcome the constraints in balancing nutritious and delicious in every meal that they’ll prepare. We want to be their go-to partner for products, cooking knowledge and nutrition tools that enable them to create dishes that their family will truly enjoy on a daily basis.”

Collaborating for food sustainability and upskilling

Under this advocacy, MAGGI, through Nestlé Philippines, entered into multisectoral partnerships with the Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Education (DepEd), and the country’s nutrition experts to help improve access to healthy ingredients, and upskill parents and kids on cooking and eating balanced food.

Collaborating with the DA’s Urban Garden project, MAGGI is supporting the country’s drive to achieve food sustainability and security through the MAGGI Sarap-Sustansya Garden. This initiative aims to address current concerns on the rising prices of goods and produce by engaging families and communities to plant their own vegetables at home or in their community outdoor spaces. 

To help educate the youth on the importance of cooking great-tasting food that are rich in nutritional value, MAGGI is working closely with DepEd’s public school network in Metro Manila through Nestlé Wellness Campus to mount a cooking contest for high school students.

MAGGI aligns with the Pinggang Pinoy concept of Department of Science and Technology–Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI) for the recipes featured in the MAGGI website and MAGGI Sarap Sustansya Kusinaskwela videos – all of which were developed with affordability and accessibility of local ingredients in mind.

A trusted ally anytime, anywhere

At the center of its efforts to empower Filipino homecooks is MAGGI’s rich library of always-on resources where homecooks can learn nutrition tips, marketing hacks and other useful cooking advice. Using the Pinggang Pinoy model of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) as a guide, MAGGI recipes utilize low-cost and easy-to-find ingredients, and provide a balanced source of nutrition for a family of four to six. 

These resources include the MAGGI Philippines website where over 500 recipes for daily sarap-sustansya meals or special occasions can be found in a broad range of cuisines, difficulty level and preparation times, along with the nutritional values of each serving. Meanwhile, the MAGGI Philippines Facebook page is a source of discovery and inspiration of new recipes.

Homecooks also have the convenience of 24/7 access to the Tita MAGGI chatbot on Messenger, when they need real-time recipe recommendations. For a more detailed guide to cooking and menu-planning, MAGGI’s Sarap-Sustansya Kusinaskwela on YouTube gives moms edutainment videos that present a holistic way of nourishing families — from building a balanced plate and meal-planning, to smart shopping and even shaping kids’ eating behavior.

Aligned with the seven healthy habits of wellness, the extensive content on all of MAGGI’s digital platforms are designed to help families consume yummy and nutritious meals cooked from varied ingredients, manage their food intake portions and enjoy meals together.

“As a mom, I’m thrilled this advocacy is giving us at MAGGI the platform to further support moms,” said Simba. “Nasa kamay natin ang sarap ng buhay so let’s all work together in giving our families the tasty, healthy and freshly-cooked food that fuels them to achieve great things and makes every meal time a meaningful celebration at home.”


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