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Kissflow Announces Expansion into South East Asia to Accelerate Adoption of its Low-Code Work Management Platform

Kissflow Announces Expansion into South East Asia to Accelerate Adoption of its Low-Code Work Management Platform

Kissflow, provider of a unified low-code and no-code work management platform, today announced plans to expand in South East Asia. The company will set up an enterprise sales office in the Philippines for the South East Asia region, to capitalize on the growing demand for low-code/no-code tools.  

Amidst digital transformation and the need for companies to innovate quickly, low-code and no-code have become popular as solutions to bridge the gap between business and IT. With Kissflow’s upcoming new unified low-code and no-code Work Management platform, organizations can easily collaborate and configure custom enterprise applications and processes in an agile and cost-effective manner. Kissflow empowers non-technical employees to perform tasks that were previously dependent entirely on IT teams or outsourced. 

“Kissflow continues to challenge the traditional method for Work Management by empowering organizations with low-code and no-code capabilities through a single unified platform,” said Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow. “The consolidation of our different product offerings into a single unified platform will give us a unique position in the market. This expansion will enable us to secure our aggressive growth goals and expand our offerings to meet the specific needs of organizations in Southeast Asia. Focusing in the Philippines with a new sales office will position us well for unlimited opportunity ahead.” 

Differentiated from traditional low-code application platforms that focus exclusively on either app development or business process management, Kissflow’s mission is to unify Work Management (Process Management, Case Management, Project Management, Task Management, and Customer App Builder). Work Management has largely been fragmented across enterprises and managed through off-the-shelf point solutions that are limited in scope and customizability and lack a single-pane-of-glass view. 

To address the increasing market need and desire for a more unified technology stack, Kissflow is working to unify all of its Work Management product offerings into a simple yet powerful platform that is underpinned with low-code/no-code capabilities. 


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