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Infobip integrates Viber Chatbots to platform offering

Infobip integrates Viber Chatbots to platform offering

Global cloud communications company, Infobip, has integrated Viber Chatbots messaging solution into its SaaS-based CPaaS offering comprising Infobip’s digital-first cloud contact center ‘Conversations’, and ‘Answers’, its smart virtual assistant. Viber, one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, developed the bot to strengthen customer care for businesses. 

Viber Chatbots are used for a two-way chat over Viber and are session-based communication, meaning businesses are always there for customers with round-the-clock availability, streamlined communication, and an intuitive CX. Viber Chatbots offers end-users easy and fast communication with businesses in a more dynamic way using customizable keyboard options and rich media messaging. Verified Chatbots are searchable as channels in the Viber app which is very convenient for end-users.

Using the full power of Viber Chatbots, businesses can provide services that range from banking to retail and media services direct-to-customers. End users can converse in real time with organizations to receive services and support for things like account setup, bank balances, and purchase receipts in a timely and convenient manner on their preferred channel.  

Etienne Dupont, Senior Director of Business Messaging Solutions at Rakuten Viber, comments: “Our successful 6-year partnership with Infobip is based on providing the most seamless and conversational digital experience possible. The popularity of Viber in 190 countries informed the decision to add this functionality and offer it through the Infobip platform. We look forward to bringing even better customer experiences to Viber users.”

In the Philippines, Rakuten Viber said its business users soared last year with more companies seen reaching out to customers during the pandemic. Rakuten Viber recorded a 291% growth in conversational business messages for 2021, helping brands establish one-on-one connection with their Filipino customers.

To provide automated replies to their customers, a lot of businesses choose launching Viber Chatbots. Rakuten Viber saw this trend globally and locally with a 23% growth in the number of chatbots opened by Filipino businesses. Aside from selecting products and processing orders, Rakuten Viber also plays an important role in providing customer support to this group and helps improve their overall brand experience. Businesses can use Viber Chatbots to engage and address customers with permissioned non-transactional messaging such as special offer alerts.

Kreso Zmak, VP Product at Infobip said: “Integrating this messaging feature into the customer journey allows brands to improve relationships with their customers as well as showcase new products or services. Viber Chatbots in Conversations/Answers aims to help businesses reach and extend the conversation to new and existing customers alike, customize the user keyboard and use rich media to offer a dynamic and immersive messaging experience, as well as use automation to qualify and convert the target audience into paid customers. We’re really honored at Infobip to have Viber Chatbots now part of our offering.”


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