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Family Bonding Amid Today’s “New Normal”

Family Bonding Amid Today’s “New Normal”

One of the most admirable qualities that Filipinos have is love for their family. As family-oriented people, Filipinos will take every chance to create meaningful connections and lasting life moments with their families. 

There are numerous ways Filipinos can spend time with their families like dinners, night outs, parties, outings, and many more. However, the traditional ways to bond with your loved ones may no longer be a good idea because of the current pandemic. 

For Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the No.1 motorcycle manufacturer in the country, one unorthodox way to strengthen relationships with your family is by giving them acts of service using motorcycles. 

Helping you connect with loved ones

It may be meant for solo riding and convenience, but in some instances, HPI believes that a motorcycle can help you connect and bond with your family, despite the pandemic’s challenges. For instance, bringing your loved ones their needs like groceries, food, or essentials will show that they can rely on you for help and establish yourself as a good role model.

Sharing the joy of mobility

Using your motorcycle more often can even spark interest among your family to try it out and help you create common passions with each other. Another way to bond with loved ones, especially when they are interested, is to teach them the basics of motorcycle riding and let them experience the joy of mobility. 

Showing love, support 

Additionally, you may even lend your distant relatives your bike to get the essentials they need or get to their destinations safely, especially now that there is still limited mobility in some areas under community quarantines and lockdowns. 

Taking your loved one for a ride

Lastly, taking your loved ones out for a ride to nearby destinations in your area, which are now open for tourists, is also a great bonding idea. Just make sure that you follow specific safety protocols mandated by the authorities. 

HPI understands the value of family in every Filipino’s life and its importance in our culture. Take it from Angel Sanchez Jr. and Jenieber Montecarlos, both proud Supra GTR150 and officers of the Cebu Supra GTR Elite Riders Club.

Using every opportunity to bond with his family, Angel Sanchez Jr., a businessman, as well as a self-employed delivery courier, has been using his motorcycle to help his family. Before the pandemic, he said that he and his family used to go on long rides together, but now, he uses his motorbike for daily transportation, groceries, and running more errands.

“I have been a motorcycle rider for many years. My wife and I went for weekend rides and long drives together before the pandemic. It was our date time, too. When my kids were young, we also used to go for short rides, and they loved it! But for now, the main use of the motorcycle is for running errands,” Sanchez said. 

Jenieber Montecarlos could not agree more. He said that he grew closer with his family because his motorcycle helped him not just to fulfill tasks with his family, but also to have a faster commute every day, giving him more time to spend with them. 

Supra GTR150 is equipped with a 6-Speed DOHC 4-Valve Liquid-Cooled Engine for maximum performance, excellent handling, and better fuel efficiency of 42 km/liter. It has an auto fan connected to its internal parts that helps the engine maintain a steady cool temperature. 

With its wider tubeless tires and bigger disc brakes, Supra GTR150 also provides better traction, stopping power, and stability for the rider. Its big front suspension lets it absorb more shock, bringing greater comfort for the rider and a longer lifespan for brake pads. It also has an LED Headlight to ensure clear road sight and safety and a Full Digital Meter Panel for easy speed and distance reference.

Supra GTR150 comes in two color variants, the Valiant Red and Black. It is available in all of Honda’s dealerships nationwide with a suggested retail price of PhP102,900.  

Explore more from Honda and its wide array of motorcycles. For more details about Honda products and promos, visit our website at www.hondaph.com and follow us on Facebook, Honda Philippines, Inc. and Instagram, @hondaph_mc. You can also contact us through our landline number, (02)-8581-6700 to 6799, and mobile number, 0917-884-6632.

Looking for new ways to improve your business operations? Stay tuned for our next article on how motorcycles help entrepreneurs and budding online businesses.


About The Author

Jallison Baldueza is our resident content assistant author and junior graphic artist in charge of content and article posting. For press release, articles and contributions please e-mail us at [email protected].

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