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Extend Your Small Business Reach and Enhance Network Security with Aruba Instant On

Extend Your Small Business Reach and Enhance Network Security with Aruba Instant On

During the VST ECS CXO Tech Summit 2023, we explored the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Aruba exhibit booth to check out the most recent product innovations to the event attendees.

Among the myriad of products on display and presented to us, what particularly piqued our interest was the Aruba Instant On Series.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, offers the Aruba Instant On a full range of powerful and secure wireless solutions devices targeting the small and medium businesses.

The Aruba Instant On gives small and medium businesses the ability to simply and easily deploy a wireless solution device that can be managed remotely by even non-tech savvy people from any mobile device.

All of Aruba’s Instant On series features the industry-leading 802.11ac Wave 2 2×2:2MU-MIMO technology; Smart Mesh technology for easy expansion of the network to hard-to-wire areas; Manage via the Instant On Mobile App and cloud-based web portal; separate guest or employee Wi-Fi network, and compliance with the latest authentication protocols such as WPA2/WPA3.

The Aruba Instant On can be placed either on a ceiling, wall mount and desktop options to suit the different needs of small business environments.

Here are the various models within the Aruba Instant On Series.

Aruba Instant On AP11

The entry-level device designed for small retail stores and home offices that can support up to 50 clients delivering premium-grade wi-fi at an affordable cost.

Aruba Instant On AP11D

A compact device designed for flexible and easy deployments which require an enhanced in-room Wi-Fi experience such as boutique hotels, small offices or doctor’s office. The visually appealing single gang wall-mount and desk-mount kits are designed to enable the AP to effortlessly integrate into any surroundings.

Aruba Instant On AP12

The device is tailored fit for medium density small businesses environments like medical offices, cafés, restaurants and boutique hotels. It can support up to 75 simultaneous devices especially for those who need a more intense networking requirements.

Aruba Instant On AP15

Supporting up to 100 devices at the same time, it is perfect for small business deployments with high-traffic and increased performance demands like hi-tech start-ups, animation and design firms and co-working spaces.

The Ap15 offers WPA2/WPA3/OWE authentication for secure Wi-Fi access, this future-ready access point delivers a worry-free networking experience.

Aruba Instant On AP17

Made for harsh outdoor environments which could encounter rain, snow hail, or extreme temperatures the affordable access point can extend wi-fi to outdoor for users to have seamless connection. The Instant On AP17 is also capable of supporting up to 50 devices at a time. 

The Aruba Instant On Series is a perfect networking solution for seamless connectivity to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It’s easy to set up, reliable, and comes with strong security features. The Aruba Instant On combines style with functionality and fit into any environment while providing dependable and secure connectivity. The Aruba Instant On can help small and medium businesses succeed and grow in the fast-paced digital age.

For more information, visit https://www.arubainstanton.com/ and https://www.vstecs.com.ph/

You can also e-mail the one of the product manager from VST ECS handling HPE Aruba Wireless services at [email protected] or call +632 688-3749.


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