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A Successful Launch with Style!

A Successful Launch with Style!

Jetti Andagao Station was the 2nd station to established for Aklan; 6th station in the whole Panay Island and the 81st station Nationwide. The event was successfully launched with style, it all started with a blessing of the Jetti Andagao Station followed by the Welcome Remarks by its Business Partner – Mrs. Vida Pamatian, JVT Mgt Svcs.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony marks the opening of the Jetti Andagao Station!

From L-R: Reginald Romero – Marketing Officer, Lubricants, Benedict Odina – Trade Marketing and Promotions Officer, Rev. Fr. Adlai Placer, Hon. Emerson Lachica – Kalibo Aklan Mayor, Judge Terncio, Aldrine Wayne Buenjemia – RBC Jetti Panay Island, Vida Pamatian – Business Partner, John Pamatian, Managing Director, JVT Mgt Svcs, and Kerr Alvior – Retail Marketing Trainer – Visayas | The facade of the Jetti Andagao Station.

The Jetti Andagao Station’s Forecourt Crews with Ms. Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2020

The Jetti Petroleum, Inc. – Integrated Marketing and Retail Operations teams have successfully launched JETTI ANDAGAO STATION (Kalibo, Aklan) last October 25, 2021.

The celebration was also graced by the presence of Ms. Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2020 – Carla May Dimo and Hon. Emerson Lachica – Mayor of Kalibo, Aklan, who expressed his warm greetings in this important event of Jetti Petroleum, Inc. Furthermore, Aldrine Wayne Buenjemia – Retail Business Counsellor of Jetti Panay and Benedict Odina – Trade Marketing and Promotions Officer represented the company in this milestone.

L-R: John Pamatia, Managing Director and Mrs. Vida Pamatian, Business Partner – JVT Mgt Svcs

Kalibo, Aklan’s Mayor – Hon. Emerson Lachica and Ms. Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2020 – Carla May Dimo

Kalibo, Aklan’s Royal Scorpion Band during the station launching. Motorcade with Ms. Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2020

Jetti Petroleum, Inc. is optimistic and positioning itself to expand further as the brand envisions to be the No. 1 Independent Player in 2023. With the commitment to offering fair-priced products, Jetti brings a “Pit-Stop Way to Every Juan’s Life!”

The station launch was concluded with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Motorcade with Ms. Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2020, festival music from the Royal Scorpion Marching Band, and giving free shirts to the First 100 lucky customers to gas up of 5 liters in their tanks.


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