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Zoho Celebrates Non-Profit Causes with #CreatorForACause APAC Week

Zoho Celebrates Non-Profit Causes with #CreatorForACause APAC Week

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, announced the #CreatorForACause APAC week from 20-28 April 2022. Through this event, the company is looking to enable the digital transformation of non-profit organisations (NPO) in the region to work better, faster, and more efficiently using  Zoho Creator, the proprietary low-code, no-code platform.  

The #CreatorForACause week, will see NPOs being invited to pitch their ideas for compelling causes using low code, no code technology to achieve their objectives and stand a chance to become a Creator-powered organisation with a Zoho Creator subscription. 

“As a result of the digital transformation acceleration these last two years for both profit and non-profit organisations in the region, technology has become a strategic imperative in today’s highly dynamic environment. At Zoho, over the years, we have witnessed more than 500 non-profit organisations engendering social change across the world using through Zoho Creator. We would like to enable our Asia Pacific non-profit organisation to continue their good work through an empowered digital future ,” said Gibu Mathew, Vice President & General Manager APAC, Zoho.  

In support of this, throughout the #CreatorForACause week, Zoho will be hosting online content, including blogs as well as LinkedIn Live sessions to engage, educate and empower organisations interested in harnessing Creator to elevate their productivity and ability to effect social causes to the next level.  

“NPOs with worthy causes should not have to settle for expensive off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, the liberty to decide and design your operations through custom-built applications will help bring mission-critical capabilities into reality. Zoho Creator lets you construct comprehensive solutions for any causes through visual interfaces, ready-to-use workflows, and drag-and-drop simplicity,” Mathew added.  

Low-code, no-code platforms present organisations with an economical, fast and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to create workflows that connect processes, and involve stakeholders with the readiness to deploy in a matter of days. FoodCycle Indonesia, a non-profit organisation dedicated to eliminating food waste, and ending hunger has used Creator to great effect.  

“Unlike traditional programming software, anyone with basic digital literacy can use Creator as the low-code platform for customised solutions. Drag, drop and deploy, and in our case, we could even scale the applications with more structure and complex solutions as requirements grew. The Creator team was also within reach every time we hit a speed bump.” said Astrid Paramita, Co-founder, FoodCycle Indonesia. 

Starting in 2017, Food Cycle is a non-profit operating out of Jakarta, Indonesia. While still pursuing their education in Australia, the founders were shocked to see that food waste and the shortage were a prevailing problem in a country as developed as Australia. But they were also equally moved by the community’s constant effort to bridge the deficit. This inspired the founders to start FoodCycle in their home country, Indonesia. They started by collecting excess food from a wedding and distributing it to those who needed it the most. Slowly FoodCycle started collaborating with bakeries, eateries, FMCGs, and other organizations and extended their operations to more and more people.  

FoodCycle, with the help of the Creator team, built their custom solution to manage their operations. The resulting solution was unique and addressed their specific organization needs. The custom application built on Creator kept the FoodCycle team connected, ready, and prepared even during the pandemic’s peak. The FoodCycle application works like a 360-degree solution addressing the organization’s needs from food sourcing from donors, inventory management, donor relationship management, and logistics. With the custom solution built on Creator, FoodCycle has also freed itself from over-dependency on paper or spreadsheet-based processing. 

“The subscription model for Creator is also cost-effective, allowing us to funnel more effort into our organisation’s goal instead of spending unnecessary resources on solutions development. Zoho Creator has lowered the barrier for non-profits like ours to compete on a higher playing field through enterprise-grade technology,” added Astrid. 

The #CreatorForACause APAC week is open to all non-profit organisations in the Asia Pacific region except for India and China. Registration is FREE, and will close on 28th April 2022 with the first round of evaluation to begin in the first week of May 2002. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the #CreatorForACause event page here: https://www.zoho.com/creator/events/creatorforacause.html 


About The Author

Raymund Ravanera is an accomplished and experienced graphic designer with almost 20 years of creative expertise working in the graphic design industry. He loves the latest gadgets, food and movies. Currently, he owns and manages megabites.com.ph, an online technology and lifestyle blog since 2015.

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