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What sets the HP ProBook 455 G8 powered by next-gen AMD Ryzen Processors apart from other business laptops?

What sets the HP ProBook 455 G8 powered by next-gen AMD Ryzen Processors apart from other business laptops?

Choosing the best laptop to fit your work and lifestyle can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. One way to trim down options is to identify the processor that powers the laptop. The processor, after all, is the heart of every laptop.

When it comes to trusting a reliable and hardworking laptop with a powerful processor, the HP ProBook 455 G8 comes to mind. This compact, light, and slim laptop is powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Mobile Processor.

But what exactly does it mean for the next-gen AMD Ryzen™ processor to be in charge of just about everything that goes on inside the HP ProBook 455 G8?

Expect a solid performance from a business laptop

The HP ProBook 455 G8 drives consistently excellent performance to enable every professional to power through a deadline-driven and multitasking day. Thanks to its next-gen multi-core AMD Ryzen™ processor, the HP ProBook can improve the performance of certain software products with remarkable graphics. Take note, however, that performance and clock frequency may vary depending on hardware and software configurations and application workload.

Make use of more than adequate RAM

A laptop is not as good without sufficient RAM, which serves as a device’s short-term memory. For daily use, the bare minimum is at least one gigabyte (GB) of RAM to merely access and run programs. Paired with the latest AMD Ryzen™ PRO 4 core processors, the HP ProBook 455 G8 packs a punch with up to 32 GB DD4-3200 SDRAM. Moreover, the laptop comes with an upgradeable dual-channel sporting a SODIMM memory31. These features equip the ProBook to manage multiple tasks efficiently.

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Enjoy a fast, secure, and reliable laptop PC

Of course, there’s more to the HP ProBook 455 G8 than its AMD Ryzen processor. Apart from this powerful processor, it also meets the daily demands of computing with its long battery life and high-speed solid-state drives

But beyond these features, the HP ProBook 455 G8 is a lightweight device with aluminum components that enables professionals to take work wherever, whenever. To top it off, the ProBook provides multi-layered security protection with the following features:

  • Optional facial and fingerprint recognition
  • HP SureView Gen 3 – A feature that makes the screen appear dark and unreadable from prying eyes.
  • HP Privacy Camera feature – A feature that ensures a user’s privacy by blocking the camera lens.
  • HP Sure Start Gen6 – An innovation that wards off firmware attacks.
  • The BIOS – A self-healing feature that automatically recovers the system and files from corruption or, worse, cybersecurity attacks.

Get the performance and commercial-grade security features of the HP ProBook 455 G8, and power through every workday with its next-gen AMD Ryzen™ processors.

Visit https://www.hp.com/ph-en/laptops/business/probook-400.html for more details.

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