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What it’s like working on the road as told by Ninja Van Philippines delivery riders

What it’s like working on the road as told by Ninja Van Philippines delivery riders

In the past two years, delivery riders have become a constant fixture in the daily lives of most Filipinos as e-commerce and online shopping gained popularity in the country. Everyday, they brave the roads to ensure that parcels are delivered on time and in best condition to its recipients, not minding the distance or the heat of the sun on their backs.

Tech-enabled logistics company Ninja Van Philippines recognizes and celebrates the invaluable role of its delivery riders in providing its Todo Hustle, No Hassle services to shippers and shoppers nationwide. Drivers and riders are among the many unsung heroes in the logistics sector and each of them embody the hard work, patience, and determination that goes into every story behind our parcels.

Working as a delivery rider for Ninja Van Philippines for three years, Joel Delfin has his fair share of experience handling irate customers, which are among the most common problems they face on duty, “It really requires a lot of patience but I always try to clarify the situation with the customer as best as I can. If it’s necessary, I connect them directly with the customer service team so their concern can be quickly resolved,” he said.

Delivery scams have also become rampant recently as more Filipinos prefer to shop online for their needs. Jory Acerro, a rider since 2018, said handling these cases can be really challenging. When he comes across a scam or modus, he makes sure to explain the protocols and policies of Ninja Van Philippines on scam deliveries to the customer and assure them that there is a refund process in place.

From left to right – Joey Delfin and Jory Acerro

“Delivering parcels is a very challenging job that could potentially drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. But I really value the trust that customers give me so I try to do my best at work every day,” said Oscar Riveza, a Ninja Van Philippines rider since 2018. Many of his fellow riders share Oscar’s sentiments—while being a delivery rider is never easy, at the end of the day, knowing that your line of work enables you to be of help to others is always a fulfilling thing.

JC Galman who has been with the company for almost four years shared that seeing the happy faces of customers when they receive their parcels is one of the reasons why he finds joy in being a delivery rider. His dedication to his job has also led him to receive good standing in evaluations.

From left to right – Oscar Riveza and JC Galman

Similarly, fellow rider Jyrald Soria said he appreciated it the most when customers sincerely thank them for their hard work, sometimes even being generous enough to give small tokens of gratitude to them, which makes the job easier than it is. Because he’s saving up for his wedding next year, Jyrald continues to persevere everyday and make sure that all parcels assigned to him get delivered to their respective recipients without fail.

More than the parcel itself, riders bring happiness to the doorsteps of their customers by providing them fast and reliable delivery services. By building good relationships with their regular customers, they also become an important part of the communities they are serving.

Above all, these riders are motivated by the desire to support the needs of their families and reach their goals in life. For Percival Cesar, working at Ninja Van Philippines allowed him to maximize his earning potential since he was being paid more compared to his past jobs as a delivery man. The incentives provided by the company also helps him a lot when it comes to providing for his family, especially now that he has a new born daughter.

From left to right – Jyrald Soria and Percival Cesar

Ninja Van Philippines continues to celebrate the riders who are at the front and center of the company’s success by putting a spotlight on their contribution to ensuring service excellence and fast deliveries nationwide.


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