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Unlock limitless learning with HP All-in-One Desktop PCs

Unlock limitless learning with HP All-in-One Desktop PCs

Sleek but powerful. The HP 200 22 All-in-One PC is equipped with the 10th gen Intel processor that helps enhance a student’s online class productivity with its reliable performance, speedy drive, and fast memory.

With the shift to online classes amid the pandemic, HP offers its All-in-One (AiO) PCs to promote limitless learning and help stay-at-home students to quickly adapt to and enjoy the “new normal” in education.

Compared to traditional desktops that have a monitor, CPU, and other components, HP AiO PCs are packed within a single monitor, occupying less space and fewer wire connections, that easily allows transforming even a small area into a classroom.

HP AiO PCs also come with always-on low blue light technology that helps reduce eye strain to protect the wellbeing of school kids who have to look at the computer screen for their daily classes.

With its pop-up webcam feature, these PCs allow face-to-face learning outside the classroom but remain mindful of needed security for the home.

Best collaboration tools for your online class. The HP ProOne 400 G6 All-in-One PC is fitted with high-definition audio and webcam as well as Microsoft Teams-ready software to promote creativity and collaboration within the virtual classroom.

The HP 200 22 AiO PC, for one, has a 5MP pull-up webcam that captures images and videos in stunning detail to boost kids’ creativity and critical thinking and promote collaboration during synchronous classes. At the same time, it helps maintain privacy as the intuitive webcam only works when the camera is in the up position. Just push it back down and block accidental recordings.

Its powerful 10th gen Intel processor helps enhance your kid’s productivity with its reliable performance, speedy drive, and fast memory. It is also fitted with proprietary HP security solutions – HP Cloud Recovery and HP JumpStarts – to help protect your child’s data.

Another nifty device for your classroom at home is the HP ProOne 400 G6 AiO PC which is fitted with high-definition audio and best quality webcam for your kid’s multimedia needs. It is also Microsoft Teams-ready to facilitate collaboration with others.

Designed for quick deployment, these personal computers are made for Gen Z kids who are used to plug and play gadgets.

Get the perfect blend of form and function with HP All-in-One PCs. Order them now online via  https://bit.ly/HPhomepageLazada or https://bit.ly/HPonlineShopee.


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