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UnionBank employees gets full support and training to prepare in the new digital normal

UnionBank employees gets full support and training to prepare in the new digital normal

Last June 17 Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) run its pilot episode of the bank’s e-TalkTales, a digital replacement of its get-togethers with media. Union Bank of the Philippines is keeping its promise not to leave any of its employees behind especially at this most difficult time.

Chief Human Resource Officer Michelle Rubio said the constant retooling and upskilling of its manpower even prior to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has been a major factor in maintaining its workforce.

“Even prior to the lockdown, we have been retooling our people. There has been redeployment yes because jobs are changing, but that does not mean we cannot teach people new skills in order for them to adapt to evolving times,” Rubio said.

UnionBank’s human resources team has been steadfast in providing different avenues for its team members to learn and develop new skill sets that are relevant in the new digital normal. This includes cross-department training, open conferences and workshops, among others.

Rubio emphasized how UnionBank – a champion of digital banking, advocates for teching up the Philippines not just via technology per se but more importantly by “people tech.”

“UnionBank is very much into people transformation. Because technology is driving rapid change, our people need to keep up with that change. When we made a decision to transform digitally, a lot of our processes and ways of working were also altered,” Rubio shared.

Multiple times voted as among the best companies to work for not just in the Philippines but internationally, UnionBank adapted the agile way of working which means collaborating with teams most of the time.

“This way of working may be a bit revolutionary for a bank, but that’s how we do things,” Rubio said.

She added that UnionBank puts as much premium to its employees similar to how it does with its customers, believing that if the organization has a positive impact to the lives of the employees, they also do their part to make things positive for the customers.

The next episode of UnionBank’s e-TalkTales will be held in July.


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