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UnionBank all set for <U>HACK & PL@Y hackathon series

UnionBank all set for HACK & PL@Y hackathon series

UnionBank of the Philippines proudly announces this year’s very own branded hackathon with the re-titled <U>HACK & PL@Y in a series of events happening across the country, starting with its first event in Cebu on July 15, 2017. This year’s UnionBank hackathons will now focus on incorporating new technology solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Identity Authentication, Robotics and Data Analytics that are related or be used for banking, e-commerce or SME tools. Participants will generally be IT students and working professionals who are digital enthusiasts plus winners will receive cash prizes and trophies.

Last August 6 & 7, 2016 Union Bank of the Philippines held its first ever successful hackathon called U:HAC (UnionBank Hackathon and Convention) at Cebu City.

Now, some of you might know that when you hear or see the word hackathon for the first time, you think it has something to do with an illegal or unauthorized access to a computer system. Maybe some might presume that UnionBank is trying to do something illegal to your accounts or in their system. But did you know that hackathons have taken some of the countries by storm? No, they don’t break into someone’s computer or do illegal things but rather hackathons are events when programmers get to do collaborative computer programming. It is a venue for self-expression and creativity of IT professionals, students or programmers to come together in finding a unique solution to a problem or idea either in the form of websites, mobile apps or new available technology in putting it to good use.

UnionBank’s strategy in getting a wider visibility in hackathon community and enhance its reputation as a digital Bank as it introduces “first of a kind” initiatives built on three innovative concepts – the <U>HACK & PL@Y, <U>HACKADEMIA and POP-UP HACKGROUND.

The <U>HACK & PL@Y concept is an innovative idea developed by UnionBank where they organize a hackathon regardless of venue and size of targeted participants similar to the Plug and Play concept. Correlating to this is the POP-UP HACKGROUND where it can quickly and easily mount the materials needed to initiate its hackathon series anytime, anywhere. While <U>HACKAMEDIA aims to train for free digital trainers, particularly school personnel who teaches digital learning in colleges and universities.

With the <U>HACK & PL@Y series it will provide UnionBank the capacity to build its pool of digital talents by either hiring or partnering with them to help the Bank deliver agile and fast innovations.

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