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Ultimate elegant sport style lives on with the Vespa Racing Sixties

Ultimate elegant sport style lives on with the Vespa Racing Sixties

With race competitions in which the speed and battles went hand in hand with the class and elegance of the vehicles and riders, the 60s were a legendary period in the history of racing and motoring. It is those elegant sports values that inspire the new Vespa special series, comprising the new Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties”.

The brand-new yellow and red graphics stand out on the chassis, green and white respectively, of the grittiest models in the Vespa range, the Sprint with its 15cc engine size and GTS Super, powered by the 300cc HPE engine.

In addition to the evocative colour scheme, a brand-new seat, golden wheel rims and matte black details, give life to two aesthetic proposals that stand out for their elegant sportiness: the first (yellow paired with green) more classic and the second (red with white) offering a more dynamic, fresh and modern mood.

Inspiration for the Vespa “Racing Sixties” series comes from the gentlemen riders’ races of the 60s, a world in which freedom of expression extended as far as the vehicle customisation arena.

The style choices adopted for the Vespa Racing Sixties” special series echo the feats of legendary sports personalities, conjuring up memories of legendary circuits such as the Monaco or Monza Grand Prix tracks, or historic championships like the Targa Florio. Nostalgia is kept to a minimum though, as the model is instead riding the spirit of the time, as only Vespa knows how. With its new liveries, the Racing Sixties” special series offers classic style with a sports twist, mirroring a tailor-made approach in which material and tactile values such as colour, material and texture are rediscovered, with a touch of exclusivity in the details, an expression of appreciation for bold simplicity.

Classic sportiness is guaranteed with both the Vespa Sprint and Vespa GTS Super thanks to the pairing of simple colours such as yellow and green, or red and white, and the clean graphic lines that enhance the sides and front tie. An added style touch comes in the shape of the matte black finish of the passenger grab handle and footrests, the front and rear light setting, the silencer cover, the rear-view mirrors, the onboard instrument cluster base and shield trim, as well as the crest on the front mudguard of the Vespa GTS Super “Racing Sixties”.

Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties” shed their classic chrome plating to give way to the gold metallic finish of the wheel rims, and gain exclusivity and prestige thanks to the new seat in soft, velvety nubuck, coated in PVC to protect in bad weather and complete with artisan-style stitching reminiscent of that seen on 1960s sports cars, and the dedicated plate, these last two features a tribute to the exciting and engaging world of racing.


To complete the Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint “Racing Sixties” special series, a range of garments and two coordinating helmet versions have been designed, inspired by the vehicles’ graphics and colour schemes.

The sweatshirts and t-shirts making up this Vespa special edition once again confirming how naturally Vespa is able to cross from a world that is strictly “scooter” to take centre stage in the land of lifestyle.

The helmets offer the comfort of an adjustable ventilation system and feature an external fibreglass shell with anti UV ray paint, a scratch-proof visor, a hypo-allergenic interior that is removable and washable, and a practical double D ring fastening system.

The same spirit lives on in garments in the Vespa Racing Sixties” clothing line, in pure cotton with stripes and contrasting logos. The Vespa Racing Sixties” Lifestyle Look stands out for the clean washes of colour that emerge thanks to bold front stripes on the t-shirts and sweatshirts, the various graphics of which are reflected in the collar trim and inner sweatband of the t-shirts, and inside the collar and cuffs and around the edges of the sweatshirts, which can be fully opened thanks to the matching zip.

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