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Tulong Taal: GCash enables users to donate to Taal aid efforts

Tulong Taal: GCash enables users to donate to Taal aid efforts

With the recent eruption of the Taal Volcano, the spirit of Bayanihan became stronger and much more visible with the outpouring of donations and volunteers from the different sectors of the society to help those in need.

Various groups and individuals launched their own donation drives to collect humanitarian aid and bring them to the people who are currently affected by the volcanic eruption in Batangas.

All over the news and social media, the whole world see how Filipinos of different walks of life — from government agencies, humanitarian aid groups, foundations, down to individuals — strengthen one another to help those in need.

To make it much simpler for individuals to support these causes, GCash, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet, has partnered with several non-government organizations and foundations to enable its users to contribute any amount to their chosen groups or even individuals via their GCash app.

GCash users simply have to open their apps, click on the “Pay Bills” tile, select “Others,” click on “Tulong Taal,” and input the amount they would like to contribute.

With the advent of financial technology, Filipinos are now more empowered to harness their innate generosity and helpfulness in times of disasters. First launched in mid 2019, GCash for Good enables users to donate monetary assistance to social causes such as disaster relief via their mobile phones.

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