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To Age Healthily, Practice Good Nutrition, Exercise, and Have a Social Life

To Age Healthily, Practice Good Nutrition, Exercise, and Have a Social Life

By the year 2050, the aging population would have reached 2.1 billion, according to the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, and Asia is aging faster than the rest of the world. Because of this, healthy aging solutions are imperative for Filipinos and the rest of their neighbors.

The earlier you start your healthy aging journey, the better and the key to kickstarting this journey is through good nutrition, physical and brain exercise, and a healthy social life. This is according to Dr. Nataniel Viniusky, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board based in Brazil.

Dr. Viniusky is the latest nutrition expert to speak at Herbalife Nutrition Philippines’ monthly Virtual Wellness Tour. He holds a degree in Medicine with specialization in Nutrition and Pediatrics, and is a scientific consultant of the Catholic University of Brasilia; coordinator of the Post-Graduate Specialization Course on Obesity of the CBES Department – San Pablo; and chief doctor of the Nutrition Service of the Unimed Hospital – Caxias do Sul. He has done activities in the areas of Clinical Nutrition and Weight Management, and is also the former National Coordinator of the Healthy School Programme.

“When we talk about healthy aging, we talk about aging with autonomy – taking care of your life and making your own decisions, growing older and deciding where you want to go, what you want to eat. In aging with autonomy, only 30% of the factor has to do with genetics, 70% has to do with your lifestyle – the way you eat, the way you exercise your body and your brain, the way you handle your body composition, the supplements you take, and your social life,” Dr. Viniusky said during the online forum attended by members of the media and blogging community.

In the Herbalife Nutrition 2020 Asia Pacific Healthy Aging Survey, consumers said that healthy aging is about being mentally active and sharp (61%); being physically active (57%); not suffering from illness (56%); living a free and independent life (52%); and not being a burden to their family (51%).

In the same survey conducted by the premiere global nutrition company, four in ten Filipinos expressed confidence in their ability to age healthily, with eight in ten saying that they have already taken steps to age healthily. Among those surveyed, 75% said they are taking vitamins and minerals; 28% are taking antioxidants; and 27% are taking calcium to help boost their immune system.

“People pay more attention in what we do than in what we say. To be a promoter of a healthy lifestyle, you first got to do what you say,” reminded Dr. Viniusky.

He added that to encourage people to age healthily, one must lead by example.

“Practice healthy aging, become successful at it, and everybody would want to do what you are doing. Have good nutrition, exercise, take good supplements, control your stress, have a good sleep, and have a healthy social life. You’re going to feel the results in your body and mind and people will notice. You will become s leader and mentor of this change,” Dr. Viniusky concluded.

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