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‘Tis the Season for More IG-Worthy Content with the vivo X80 series

‘Tis the Season for More IG-Worthy Content with the vivo X80 series

When Instagram was first launched for iOS users in 2010 and eventually to Android users in 2012, it was merely an app with a simple interface and limited features. Many regarded it as just another picture sharing app — much like Facebook — where you share life updates and moments with your audience, usually friends and family.

Eventually, Instagram (IG) has become an extension of one’s identity with well-curated content, carefully picked aesthetic, color themes and even personalized, often witty captions. Audience of an account has become more diverse and bound by a common interest, rather than a common friend or relative. Having a powerful phone with extraordinary camera features may not be a prerequisite to having a good IG feed, but just imagine the possibilities and opportunities that comes with a well-designed and meticulously made smartphone.

Find your aesthetic

Is your feed someone’s portrait accompanied with long caption ala – Humans of New York, a dramatic black and white landscape and cityscape, or ambiguous, abstract photographs with equally poetic captions? Whatever your aesthetic choice is, color plays a huge role in telling a story and vibe that influences and attracts other followers.

vivo’s latest addition to its premium smartphone lineup, the vivo X80, and the Pro variant feature 140-color cards give you access to richer color shades, setting up new color standards even without an external editing tool. The vivo color memory system, crafted together with the pioneer of scientific optics, ZEISS, enables the phones to effortlessly achieve balanced hue, saturation and tint every time.

Consider using vivo x80 series’ over eight LUTS styles for your videos to instantly mimic a specific film or scenery’s filter style and easily make you feed coherent and in line with your intended style. And speaking of portrait, the partnership with ZEISS also lets you choose among the 5 bokeh styles that makes every portrait charismatic, cinematic and professional-looking without complexity!

Showcase your art


Art should never be reserved to museums and auction houses. Art should be shared and appreciated by the public and social media and other online pages have recently been the top channels where it could be accessed for free. There is no better smartphone than the vivo X80 series to make one’s artsy feed dreams come true.

Co-engineered with ZEISS, a global leader in technology specializing in optoelectronics, the vivo X80 and its Pro variant features ZEISS T* coating, a multi-layer coating technology that allows the phone cameras to take extremely vivid photographs with maximum light intensity and blue sensitivity. Reminiscent of the ZEISS hunting binoculars, the coating shields the optical glass from dust and eliminates stray light, even in deep twilight or with zero light source. Accompanied by ZEISS Natural color and AI Perception Engine, every photograph of nature and other scenic views showcase its authentic colors as if you were there yourself.

These powerful features are backed by the customized vivo V1+ chip, the phone’s imaging and processing chip that has been developed by vivo’s in-house engineers – all 600 of them! Say goodbye to grainy and pixelated photographs even without a light source as the V1+ chip eliminates them all with ease by automatically adjusting the camera settings to produce bright and vivid photographs and videos.

Document your best days

As the Christmas season nears, the vivo X80 series’ night capabilities become even more valuable for Pinoys! Capture every detail of the early Christmas décor in the street or across the street from your neighbors with the vivo X80 variant’s ultra-sensing Sony IMX866 sensor. This technology uses an RGBW fusion unit that exponentially improves the phone’s photosensitivity and assures every detail, every richness and shade of colors are captured no matter how little light is available.

Document your young cousin’ or niece’s journey as they go back to school without compromising the spontaneity of the moment. vivo X80 Series carries an Active Centering OIS system and 50 MP Ultra-Sensing GNV Sensor that allow you to take a steadier and clearer video and turn every captured moment into a cinematic adventure and masterpiece. With these superb camera features, there’s no need to pause for the camera as you can clearly and accurately capture movements as they go.  No  thrilling actions and fun activities will go unnoticed as the vivo X80 Series’  360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization can capture all their movements in perfect stabilization – blurry who?

The older generation have their disco and we have our IG. Make it as memorable as possible and keep making whatever post that sparks joy – there is no definitive rule to having a fun and beautiful feed!

Find out more about the vivo X80 series by visiting vivo’s official social media pages on websiteFacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube channels


About The Author

Jallison Baldueza is our resident content assistant author and junior graphic artist in charge of content and article posting. For press release, articles and contributions please e-mail us at [email protected].

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